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Category Archives: Laws

helmet laws in orlando

Helmet Laws

By Payer Law Group |

Are you the proud owner of a motorcycle? Do you wear a helmet every time you take your bike out on the town? Did you know Florida has laws with it comes to your safety? These are helmet laws. The state of Florida has strict laws when it comes to helmets. Noshua and  Payer Law… Read More »

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car seat laws in orlando

Florida Car Seats Laws You Need to Know

By Payer Law Group |

Any parent knows that protecting your child becomes your only mantra in life from the day they are born. That is why knowing your state’s car seat laws needs to be at the top of your list of Superhero Parent Knowledge. Ensuring that you are following proper protocol when it comes to your child’s… Read More »

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FL motorcycle laws in Orlando

Motorcycle Laws in Florida

By Payer Law Group |

In the state of Florida, there are a number of laws to take into consideration when getting out on the road in a motorcycle. FL motorcycle laws can be difficult to understand and they are constantly being challenged and changed and it is important to understand these changes in order to ensure that you… Read More »

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Motorcycle Accident Orlando

The State of Universal Helmet Law in Florida

By Payer Law Group |

Anytime you are riding a bike, whether it is a bicycle or a motorcycle, you should always wear a helmet. Driving in a car can be dangerous, so driving without any protection puts you at a very high risk of dying in a motor crash with another vehicle. Imagine how many injuries you can… Read More »

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