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Orlando Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Even though numerous regulations and agencies have made attempts to make the workplace a safe environment, Job Accidents are still on the rise. At Payer Law Group we have experienced Orlando workers’ compensation attorneys who are reliable and available to fight your case. A workplace accident attorney is an invaluable resource and can increase your chances of obtaining a desirable result in court.

Why Do I Need A Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Orlando?

It is no secret the insurance companies are constantly trying to find ways to reduce or even deny claims made. Many times the worker’s very own company will take part and argue that whatever injuries arose were due to pre-existing injuries or conditions and not due to the workplace.

Laws Governing Workplace Injuries

In the state of Florida, worker’s compensation runs under the state no-fault system. What this essentially means is that workers do not sue the company in most cases, the matter is instead taken to the insurance agency, who does the payout.

The worker must prove beyond a doubt that the injury resulted due to the performance of work-related tasks or from a hazard in the surrounding area.

What Problems Arise From Job Accident Cases?

In the state of Florida, companies must carry worker’s compensation insurance for employees. When it comes to the subject of independent contractors (not an employee), or when a worker decides to intentionally cause harm to themselves, that is things get complicated. In these cases, workers compensation will not cover any expenses at all for the injured party.

What If I Am An Undocumented Worker?

In the state of Florida, workers compensation is given to undocumented workers. The court ruling for HDV Construction Systems, Inc. Vs. Luis Aragon made this possible. The court ruled that since the employer knew, or should have known that his employee was undocumented upon hiring, that therefore, the employee could not be denied their right to workers compensation.

What Types Of Jobs Carry The Highest Workplace Related Risk?

If you find yourself working in one of these occupations, please take as many precautions as possible to avoid injury or death:

  1. Lumber Loggers
  2. Commercial Fisherman
  3. Roofing professionals
  4. Iron and Steel Smiths
  5. Garbage and recyclable collection workers
  6. Power line installers
  7. Truck drivers
  8. Livestock handlers
  9. Construction workers

Contact An Orlando Workers’ Compensation Attorney Today!

Contact an experienced Orlando workers’ compensation attorney at Payer Law Group right away! Do not be left without any payment to cover your medical bills. Call us at 866-930-1238. We have experienced personal injury attorney’s available to handle your case and ensure you receive the best terms possible.

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