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An Orlando Car Accident Lawyer Talks To Minors About Accidents


Payer Law is dedicated to helping you fight your unique case and can tailor to all of your needs. An accident can happen in a matter of seconds and can be a traumatizing event, especially for minors. Payer Law is an Orlando FL car accident lawyer that people of all ages who experience personal injury due to a car accident can rely on.

Minors Involved In Car Accidents

Orlando is a huge city with many drivers. There are multiple highways that can increase the chance of a car accident occurring, especially during rush hour and stopped traffic due to construction or for any other reason. To obtain a license, a driver must be at least 16 years of age. A learner’s permit can be obtained as early as the age of 15. Car accidents are the leading cause of death for teens in the United States, resulting in over 2,000 deaths of people ages 16-19 in 2013. During this time over 243,000 of these kids were treated at the hospital for car accidents. This is the equivalent to 6 teens dying every day from automobile accidents. The risk of car accidents in teens is higher because they are new drivers and they are 3 times more likely to become involved in a car accident than an adult. Minors who are involved in car accidents are usually driving too fast or are distracted. Teens are usually distracted due to the use of electronic devices while driving, and 58 percent of accidents involving teens occur because of these distractions.

How Minors Can Receive Help In A Car Accident

When minors are involved in a car accident, they are likely to become very stressed and panic. The very first thing they should do is call their insurance company and call the cops to file an accident report. Minors should talk to their parents who can then gather all of the information from the accident and bring it to an Orlando FL car accident lawyer. Payer Law knows how stressful a car accident can be for an adult, so when a minor is involved, we know it is especially disheartening. We are here to help guide you through the process of receiving damages and compensation for car accidents resulting in injury. Payer Law can help you with a variety of things resulting from the accident, not limited to personal injury protection! We can help with obtaining money for medical bills, lost wages, and car repairs. In the event that a minor is involved in a car accident, dealing with the situation can be very intimidating for teens and they may not understand all of the legalities that are presented to them. Since minors are more likely to become involved in a car accident, they are watched closely because they are new drivers. The Payer Law is very patient and can explain what legal avenues to pursue and explain in depth what all of the legal matters mean.

If you are a minor involved in a car accident, call an Orlando FL car accident lawyer at 407-307-2979 or visit the Payer Law at

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