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Motorcycle Safety Tips for Riders in Florida


Given the temperate climate here in Florida, it’s no surprise that riding a motorcycle is a year-round activity. Unfortunately, when an accident occurs, it can result in serious injuries given that motorcycle riders have little protection. Even motorcyclists who wear helmets and protective gear are no match for the impact with a vehicle, or worse, a large truck. Motorcyclists who are injured in a collision caused by someone else’s negligence may be entitled to recover damages. Motorcycle accident claims can be complicated, and you shouldn’t try to pursue an injury one on your own. Let a knowledgeable Orlando motorcycle accident attorney help.

To assist with reducing the risk of getting into an accident while on a Florida road, here are several motorcycle safety tips to always keep in mind.

Always Wear the Right Gear

If you regularly ride a motorcycle, you should already have protective gear. However, you want to make sure it’s the right gear and fits properly, even if you are an experienced rider. You may be able always to practice defensive driving techniques, but you can’t prevent collisions 100% of the time. Riders should have a safety helmet that fits properly and covers their face. Reinforced jackets, full-length pants, boots, and gloves are also important. Forego the dark colors and black and opt for something bright as it’s easier to see you on the road.

Keep Your Motorcycle Serviced

You should always check your bike before getting out on the road, but it’s also important to have it properly serviced. You don’t want to be on a long road trip to later discover there was a mechanical issue. Even worse is knowing the problem could’ve been prevented had you done regular maintenance. No matter how recently your motorcycle was serviced, you still need to conduct safety checks before riding. Check simple things like your signals, lights, horn, tire pressure, brakes, etc.,to determine everything is working.

Practice Riding a Motorcycle

Even the most experienced riders can benefit from a refresher course. Consider taking a safety course that teaches you a wide range of techniques. Courses can teach you emergency safety maneuvers you weren’t comfortable with of and maybe some advanced maneuvers you’ve never heard of. Some courses may even help you qualify for a discount on your motorcycle insurance each year. That’s worth checking out an approved course on its own.

Make Sure You’re Riding the Right Bike for You

People love big and powerful motorcycles, but it doesn’t mean you need to run out and buy one. Riding a bike that is too powerful or too large could lead to causing an accident. When you are on a bike, both of your feet should be able to rest flat on the ground, and it shouldn’t be too heavy to get off its stand. You should be able to grab the handlebars and have control of the bike comfortably.

Use Defensive Driving Techniques on Your Motorcycle

To further reduce the risk of getting into a motorcycle accident, always practice safe driving techniques. You should obey all traffic laws and not get on the motorcycle after you’ve been drinking, using alcohol, or operating your bike while sleep deprived.

If you do all these things and still find yourself the victim of an accident in or around Orlando, contact the Payer Law today to schedule an initial consultation.


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