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Motorcycle Safety – Choosing the Right One for You

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Whether you are brand new to this lifestyle, or you have been a rider for life, the motorcycle community is unlike any others on the road. They share a passion and enthusiasm for the ride and the sport behind the bike, including motorcycle safety. Unfortunately, motorcycles are not a one-size-fits all contraption. In fact, choosing the right model for you can drastically improve your overall safety while riding. You will want to look at the bike’s size in comparison to your own, the weight, and the maneuverability. Knowing your level of experience also plays a role in what type of bike is best for you. Even if you have been dreaming of cruising down the highway in a Harley-Davidson Chopper, be sure that this style of bike meets all the basic criteria that will keep you safe on the road. Really put your own knowledge and experience into perspective, and don’t feel too disheartened if you find you need to find a smaller model.

Here are a few guidelines to help you determine which style of motorcycle is the best—and safest—for you. And if you ever find yourself in an accident, call a motorcycle accident attorney at Payer Law in Orlando, Florida.

Bike Models for Beginners

Like we said, there is nothing wrong with picking a beginner level bike. In fact, we whole-heartily recommend it. Even if more experience riders recognize these models as beginner-friendly, it is a great way to engage in conversation with fellow riders. Most of whom are more than willing to give their own pointers on bike safety and need-to-know information. The motorbike community is a tight knit group who generally encourage other riders to stay safe while they have fun cruising.

So in case you are a first-time rider, consider investing in one of these beginner-friendly models:

  • Honda twin cylinder engine
  • Yamaha single cylinder engine
  • Kawasaki twin cylinder engine
  • Suzuki twin cylinder engine
  • Honda single cylinder engine


Basic Motorcycle Safety

Before you even think about what type of bike you are going to get, you need to ensure that you have invested in all the proper attire and equipment. Riding is a lifestyle that motorcyclists take very seriously and having the right gear in tow goes hand-in-hand with motorcycle safety. Here are a few starter kit accessories you will need to guarantee your safety on the road:

  • Jackets: Black, brown, leather, fringe. The style doesn’t matter But a jacket will protect you from the fierce winds you encounter while driving a bike. Staying warm is prudent to keep your body agile and limber. It should not be too baggy or bulky, but you don’t want it to be tight-fitting. Jackets designed specifically for motorcycle riders are built for multi-weather use.
  • Pants: Your legs should be covered at all times while riding a bike. Don’t wear shorts.
  • Boots and Gloves: Boots should not have laces and have a sturdy, low heel. Gloves should be flexible that allows you to have a firm grip. Gloves and boots should both be breathable and preferable made with leather material.
  • Helmets and Eye Gear: A motorcycle accident attorney would argue that these are the most important accessories you can possess as a rider. Both should fit snugly with no defects. Make sure you eye gear is shatter proof.

If you have been in an accident, call a motorcycle accident attorney at Payer Law in Orlando, Florida.

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