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Motorcycle Laws: What Should I Know Before Buying One?

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If you are looking to purchase a new motorcycle in Florida, you should be aware of the motorcycle laws that will come into play as you drive your bike on Florida’s roads and highways. In case you didn’t know this, Florida has a set of specific laws that are related to riding motorcycles. When you are injured in a motorcycle accident Orlando residents know that these laws could become a key player as to whether or not you’re able to receive compensation for any injuries you suffer in the accident.This is where our experienced motorcycle accident attorney would like to outline four of the most important motorcycle laws so that you’re fully aware of what you can and cannot do as you take to the roads.

Helmet Requirements

If you are under the age of 21 in the state of Florida, you must wear a helmet if you ride a motorcycle. Anyone over the age of 21 is not required to wear a helmet unless you have at least $10,000 of medical insurance. If you are thinking of purchasing a motorcycle but do not have medical coverage, you’ll need to speak with an insurance agency in order to purchase the necessary medical coverage.

Lane Sharing/Splitting

In the state of Florida, it is unlawful for a motorcycle rider to travel between the lanes of traffic on their motorcycle. This is referred to as lane splitting. You are also prohibited from lane sharing, which is riding side-by-side with another bike. Not only is this behavior unlawful, it’s also extremely dangerous for both the motorcycle driver and his passenger, along with the other vehicles they share the highways with.

Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

In the state of Florida, insurance is not a requirement in order to register a motorcycle as it is for cars. However, if a biker is in an accident that causes bodily and/or physical damage and is found to be at fault and he does not have insurance, he can face severe penalties. This includes having to carry mandatory SR 22 insurance coverage for three years. The biker may also face suspension of his/her’s driver’s license.

The Use of Headlights

In the state of Florida, motorcycle riders are required to use their headlights at all time, be it day or night. You can modulate your headlights, meaning using a feature that causes the headlamp to flicker, for use during the daytime. Many motorcyclists feel that this is a safer feature anyway because it causes the bike to become more visible to other motorists.

Contact Our Motorcycle Accident Attorney Today

If you or a loved one is injured in a motorcycle accident Orlando locals will tell you that you will want to contact an experienced motorcycle accident attorney at Payer Law. The attorneys at Payer Law will work with you to help you win the compensation you deserve.

By seeking the experience of a motorcycle accident attorney, you’ll obtain the knowledge and experience of dealing with injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident Orlando motorists must know about.

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