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The Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle crashes in orlando

In 2006, motorcycle crashes caused 35 times more deaths than car accidents. The alarming statistics that surround motorcycles have encouraged people to begin more conversations about motorcycle safety and to force motorcyclist to become more aware of the risks they are taking as well as how to avoid them. Payer Law, the Orlando Car Accident Lawyer, has made it a point to help the riders in the Orlando area stay safe and become more aware of the factors that play a role in these accidents.

Road Routines Causing Motorcycle Crashes

Obviously, when a person is riding a motorcycle, they do not have airbags surrounding them or tons of metal to lessen the impact of a crash. This means that common road mishaps can ultimately mean death for a motorcyclist. The first and probably most apparent cause of death in a motorcycle accident is a collision with another vehicle. A majority of the time, 78% to be exact, the car strikes the motorcycle head-on resulting in the death of the rider, but not of the driver in the other vehicle. Another ordinary road routine that can cause fatal injuries to riders is cars making left-hand turns. These types of accidents account for 42% of all collisions between a car and motorcycle. Due to a motorcycle’s small size, it can be barely visible to a car trying to turn left. Most of the time a bike is struck because it is trying to pass the car, going straight through an intersection, or trying to overtake the vehicle. Although these accidents do occur between two vehicles as well, they usually don’t end in serious injury or death because of the size and protection of the car. Lane splitting by motorcycles is another common cause of crashes. Lane splitting is when a motorcyclist rides between two lanes during stopped or slowed traffic. This driving method is dangerous for many reasons including the smaller space the motorcycle has to maneuver; the fact that the driver of other vehicles don’t expect another to be passing during slowed/stopped traffic and the close proximity of the motorcycle to the cars.

Who’s To Blame?

After an accident involving a motorcycle and another vehicle who gets the blame depends on each situation. For example, with a head-on collision, the police would investigate where the crash occurred and how the two vehicles ended up in a position where they came head to head. In the event of a motorcycle getting hit while a person is making a left-hand turn also depends on a few factors, including whether or not the motorcyclist was in the correct lane or if they were speeding at the time of the crash. This is different from when a car hits another car while making a left-hand turn because almost always the car making the left hand turn is at fault no questions asked. Finally, when it comes to a motorcycle lane splitting who’s at fault depends on whether or not the state you are in allows lane splitting as well as the behavior of the motorcyclist and driver of the other vehicle, and the opinion of the police. The law leaves motorcycle riders vulnerable, which is why the Orlando car accident lawyer is there to help when a personal injury situation arises.

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