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How Much is My Motorcycle Accident Settlement Worth?

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The amount that you can get paid out for your motorcycle accident claim settlement depends on a number of factors. Payer Law in Orlando is a motorcycle accident attorney that has ample experience in dealing with motorcycle accident settlements. We understand what factors need to be considered for each accident and how to calculate the accurate amount of compensation that you are owed. This is because we know that in addition to the obvious expenses such as medical expenses and property damages, there are also expenses that are more difficult to define. These are things like pain and suffering that may result from the accident. If you would like to learn more about the process of determining the accurate amount of compensation, contact us at Payer Law today.

Factors of a Claim Settlement

A claim settlement can be partially determined by you and what you know your expenses to be. However, to get the right number that factors in all aspects of your accident, you must consult an experienced motorcycle accident attorney on your side.

  • Medical Expenses: If you were in a motorcycle accident, chances are good that you had to go to the hospital in order to recover. If that was the case, you want to make sure that you factor however much you spent into your total claim.
  • Lost Wages: There are quite a few jobs where you are not paid if you do not show up. That means that if you had to take off days of work in order to recover from your accident, these wages can be included in your claim.
  • Property Damage: If you suffered any damage to your motorcycle, the expenses that it would take to get it repaired can also be included.
  • Pain & Suffering: This sum can be thought of as unquantifiable, but there are ways to determine how much you are due as a result of having to deal with the trauma of the accident.

What is the Final Number?

The final number of your claim is going to be determined by your motorcycle accident attorney. Only they know best how to best select the right settlement total and give you the compensation that you deserve.

Of course, selecting a settlement total does not guarantee that that number will be the amount that you are paid. What determines this is your attorney. They are the ones that will fight on your behalf and ensure that you are represented against the insurance company. While the actual total of what you are paid may differ from what you initially expected, it will still be sufficient to cover all of your expenses.

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Payer Law is an attorney located in Orlando. We specialize in a variety of cases, including those that involve motorcycle injuries. If you have suffered from a motorcycle injury and you would like to get assistance with your case to get the settlement that you deserve, contact us at Payer Law today for more information.

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