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As motorcyclists are inherently exposed to the elements, all crashes have the potential to be catastrophic, even deadly. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) reports that 8,470 motorcycle riders and passengers were injured and 556 were killed in accidents in 2018 alone. If you or your loved one was involved in a crash, you need an experienced legal advocate on your side.

At Payer Law, our motorcycle accident attorneys fight aggressively to protect the rights and interests of injured victims. We have a comprehensive understanding of Florida’s motorcycle accident claims process. Our law firm will help you navigate the claims process and maximize your compensation. For a no fee, no obligation consultation with a top-rated motorcycle crash lawyer, please call us today.

Motorcyclists are Not Covered By No Fault Insurance in Florida

When it comes to car accidents, Florida is a no-fault state which means that regardless of who was at fault, both parties turn to their insurance companies for compensation for any injuries sustained or death. Unfortunately, motorcyclists do not have the same protection.

In Florida, motorcyclists are unable to obtain personal injury protection (also known as no-fault insurance). This means that you obtain no benefits after a crash. It does not matter if you sustained an injury and need medical benefits, or lost pay due to not being able to go to work from the injuries sustained, motorcycle owners must bear the consequences.

Do not go it alone: It is essential to call an Orlando motorcycle accident attorney should you find yourself in a motorcycle accident.

You Can Hold Negligent Defendants Liable for Your Motorcycle Accident

The fact that motorcyclists are ineligible for no fault insurance coverage naturally results in a good amount of financial hardship on individuals and their families and limits the quality of care that one can receive. The good news is that you still have options available if you were injured in a crash. Through a personal injury claim, you can hold negligent defendants—including drivers, trucking companies, motorcycle manufacturers, and others—legally liable for your damages.

Under Florida common law, the specific actions taken that led to the accident are what will result in determining fault. In the case of a motorcyclist, interpreting these laws can be rather difficult as many topics are still undecided by the court. This is where hiring an experienced Orlando motorcycle accident attorney is essential. More to the point, fault is based on negligence.

As interpreted by Florida Law, negligence is defined as reckless or careless conduct that a driver displayed that led to property damage, injury or even death. Negligence can come in many different forms, including:

  • Speeding;
  • Running red lights;
  • Unsafe merges;
  • Tailgating a motorcycle;
  • Distracted driving;
  • Texting while driving; and
  • Drunk driving.

Following a motorcycle accident, it is imperative that a comprehensive investigation is conducted. Through an investigation, all of the relevant evidence needed to prove liability can be gathered and organized in order to build a strong, successful legal case. Without evidence to prove liability, injured riders will struggle to bring a winning claim.

Motorcycle Accident Victims Deserve Full Financial Compensation

Through a fault-based motorcycle accident claim, injured victims can seek financial damages for both monetary and non monetary losses. That being said, the big insurance companies will not make the claims process easy. They will try to settle your claim for far less than you deserve, possibly even denying liability outright. At Payer Law, our Orlando motorcycle accident lawyers can help you get the full compensation you deserve. Depending on the nature of your injuries, you may be eligible to recover damages for:

  • Motorcycle repairs/replacement;
  • Emergency care;
  • Medical expenses;
  • Rehabilitative services;
  • Lost wages;
  • Diminished earning capacity;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Permanent scarring;
  • Physical impairments; and
  • Wrongful death of a family member.

If your family member was killed in a tragic motorcycle crash, it is important to speak to an experienced Florida wrongful death lawyer. Although nothing could ever possibly make up for such a heartbreaking loss, responsible parties must be held accountable and you and your family need to maximum available financial support. 

Contact Our Orlando Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Today!

At Payer Law, our Florida motorcycle accident attorneys are skilled, aggressive advocates for injured riders. Call us today at 407-307-2979 or contact us online to learn more about your rights and how to recover money for loss or damages. We offer free, no obligation personal injury consultation. With a law office in Orlando, our attorneys represent motorcycle accident victims throughout Central Florida.

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