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Pre-Existing Medical Conditions and How They Affect Workers Comp Claims

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There are a lot of rules and regulations when it comes to worker’s compensation, and unless you are an experienced lawyer, you may not always understand these rules. Most of the time, when you start a job, your employer will provide paperwork for you that explains their policies and worker’s compensation laws, but let’s be honest, how many people actually read through these documents? Not many. As a matter of fact. People will skip the reading and just sign at the bottom agreeing to the terms and conditions. Our worker’s compensation attorney orlando clients trust urges you to read through any documents you are provided with before signing anything especially if you have any medical conditions! You do not want to agree to terms and conditions without thoroughly reading through them and understanding what they mean. If you are having trouble fully comprehending what your worker’s compensation documents are stating, bring the paperwork to our attorney at the Payer Law.

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions And Worker’s Comp

Worker’s compensation laws involving pre-existing medical conditions changed in 2003. A pre-existing condition is a medical condition that a worker had before a claimed work injury or occupational disease, and what contributed to it. When deciding if a worker’s compensation claim will be covered, these new laws are reviewed and a decision is made from there. The most important consideration of these changes is the purported pre-existing condition must contribute to at least 51% of disability or need for treatment, not just predispose the worker to disability or need for treatment. This is called a “Major Contributing Clause” and is used often by insurance companies to deny claims. Our worker’s compensation attorney Orlando clients confide in wants you to know that these denials are wrong and you should contact the Payer Law in Orlando right away to talk about your case.

Stand Up For Your Rights

Insurance companies will more likely than not, deny your claim if they see you have pre-existing medical conditions, even if your prior injury is not in any way related to your current injuries. There is a difference between the industrial injury section and the law’s definition of a “pre-existing condition”. The industrial section has “a requirement of a diagnosis or medical services or treatment preceding the claimed condition.”. You will not find this requirement listed under the definition of “pre-existing condition” for occupational disease claims. Insurance companies will deny claims based on the wording, which is not right! When this happens, you must speak to our worker’s compensation attorney right away. You deserve to obtain the most from your claim and you should never be denied.

Contact Us

When you have been denied a claim for a work injury due to pre-existing medical conditions, you must call the Payer Law today and talk with our worker’s compensation attorney Orlando clients rely on. You should never be denied a claim when you are injured at work. Call us today at 407-307-2979 or you can visit our website! Payerlawgroup.com. We look forward to working with you and fighting for your claim!

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