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Dealing with PTSD After an Accident as a Truck Driver

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When you get into a trucking accident, many people do not realize you can get PTSD. As a result of this, Payer Law in Orlando knows, you may have to ask yourself “Is PTSD a disability?” to know if your insurance covers it. PTSD is difficult to classify because it does not display itself readily on the body, but it is something that can cause significant damage to the person who suffers from it. That is why fight to make sure that you can have it covered if you get it as a result of an accident. We pride ourselves in working to earn our title as the Orlando truck accident lawyer; if you need our help with your case, contact us at Payer Law today.

Is PTSD a Disability?

What you have to consider is that many people who get into car accidents suffer a great deal because of it. Often, it will affect their ability to drive after the accident, and many people require counseling to overcome it. This is especially true for truck drivers, who drive vehicles that have significantly more devastating accidents than you would get from a regular passenger vehicle. When these accidents occur, truck drivers are left severely injured and with a number of things to take care of, not the least of which is their job.

When the accident is severe enough, the truck driver may even be diagnosed with PTSD. This is a type of mental condition wherein trauma affects the way that a person deals with the world. When you are dealing with PTSD, it can be difficult to function as you would normally. Typically, PTSD is treated with an array of different approaches which include medication and therapy. This type of approach can quickly add up without the proper assistance.

Are You Looking for an Orlando Truck Accident Lawyer?

We are an Orlando truck accident lawyer who cares about their clients. We understand that handling PTSD after an accident can be incredibly draining, especially for truck drivers. However, we are here to represent you and make your life a little easier. We have ample experience in this field, and we are confident in the results we can provide you.  If you are interested in learning more about what we do for our clients or you would like to learn more about how the law views PTSD, contact us today.

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Payer Law is an Orlando truck accident lawyer. We work truck drivers who have been in accidents to get them the compensation that they deserve to get their life back on track. If you have ever asked yourself “Is PTSD a disability?” because you needed to know if you would be covered after a car accident, we sympathize, and we have everything you need to feel supported. If you have any questions about our services or you are looking to see how we can help you, contact us today.

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