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Beware of Insurance Adjusters (5 Things You MUST Know)

insurance adjuster

If you need to call an insurance adjuster for any reason, make sure you do your research before calling the first person you find. If you have had any bodily injuries, you may want to talk to friends and neighbors to see if they have any suggestions or referrals. It is so important that you find the right adjuster because let’s be honest, dealing with insurance companies is oftentimes a complicated and frustrating situation. Our Orlando personal injury attorney at Payer Law wants to inform you (and emphasize) that most insurance adjuster will try to take advantage of you.

5 Things You MUST Know

There are a few things to look out for when you call an insurance adjuster. Our Orlando personal injury attorney discusses a few of those things.

  • Insurance adjusters will appear nice at first but don’t let their kindness fool you. If they encourage or pressure you to settle quickly because it is “easier,” you should seek legal help. An insurance adjuster will often sweep major problems under the rug because they are more difficult to deal with.

  • Sometimes they may ask for a “statement in writing” about the accident but you should refuse complying with this request until your attorney arrives. If they say that you must give them a statement know that you are not legally obligated to speak to them without your attorney present. Make sure you also refuse to have your conversation with the adjuster recorded.

  • They may ask you to release all of your medical records and if you do so, they will have access to your medical history and this is not done to ensure a fair settlement. Many times they are looking for a pre-existing medical condition that will minimize potential compensation for damages or other possible ways to deny you a settlement.

  • Insurance adjusters do not care for each individual person when dealing with a case because whether they obtain what you want or not, they are still being paid. They will try to pressure you to sign a release with a low settlement. Do NOT sign a release because it will take away your right to sue for suffering or medical expenses caused by your injury. You are giving away your rights before you even know the extent of the damages.

  • They will take their time with your case! Most adjusters are not in a rush to help you take action on your claim. If they ignore you, they think you are going to accept a low settlement or even give up. This is something our attorney can help you deal with.

Why Should You Call Us

At Payer Law, we fight for you until the end. We will do extensive research on your case to make sure we are fully knowledgeable on what is going on and any loopholes the insurance adjuster has created. You may not know how to read certain documents that our highly experienced personal injury attorney can read and explain to you.

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If you feel you are being taken advantage of by an insurance adjuster, call Payer Law to speak with our Orlando personal injury attorney. Contact us at 407-307-2979 or visit our website

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