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Can I Sue If I’ve Been Injured On The Job?

injured on the job in orlando

If you have been injured while working at your place of employment, you may be considering pressing a personal injury lawsuit. Although these cases can usually only be valid in very limited circumstances, there are some exceptions where an injured employee can “sue” to be compensated for a workplace injury. Every year nearly 70,000 people are injured while working on the job in Florida, but very few workers are aware of the rights that they possess to receive medical care and money benefits after their accident. Workers’ Compensation Laws vary from state to state according to that state’s legislator, so our Orlando firm is only addressing Florida law. It is also important to note that Florida lawmakers frequently change the law, and it is the law that exists on the date of the accident you are pressing a claim on that is the law that presides in your case. Payer Law specialized 100% in personal injury cases, and as such is one of the most experienced firms in cases where the victim was injured on the job. Call today for a free consultation with the workers compensation attorney Orlando trusts!

What to Do When Hurt On The Job

There are some basic actions to take right away when you are injured on the job. After you get hurt, you must give notice to your supervisor within 30 days of the accident. In rare cases where you are unaware that there is injury or harm done (like exposure to a toxic substance) or to know that your injury or condition was caused by the job, you are allowed to extend this period so that you report the injury/condition within 30 days of when you became aware of the problem (and that it is work-related). If the condition or injury is an occupational disease caused by the conditions specific to a particular trade, occupation, process, or employment, then the worker must inform their lawyer as their employer of the condition within 90 days. An example of such a case would be coal miners who get Black Lung disease.

You wil often be asked to supply information for, and perhaps sign, a First Notice of Injury form which will go from your place of employment to your insurance company which details the circumstances that you were injured under. We at Payer Law, as a workers compensation attorney Orlando residents trust, highly recommend reporting every injury on every part of your body, as the insurance company will often deny treatment later on for injuries you forgot to report. Thus, it is crucial for you to report your injury in a timely and complete manner in order to receive all of the compensation that your injury deserves.Another recommendation is to take photos of the scene or the accident and of any visible injuries as well as any damaged property involved in the accident.

When You Are Injured On The Job

It is essential to document your experience being injured on the job, and these days such documentation is easier to come by than ever. Everybody  has a smartphone with a at least a camera function, and although pictures are not always required to prove your claim, they are concrete evidence to prove a point.

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