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Injured In An Uber? What Florida Residents Should Know


For millions of Americans, owning a car is not practical, and sometimes not financially possible.  For inhabitants of major metropolitan areas, the availability and accessibility of mass transportation can vary greatly based on a number of factors.  In recent years, the ridesharing movement has caused a cataclysmic shift in how people get from A to B.  While services such as Uber and Lyft may be convenient, many riders are not aware of how to proceed in the event of an accident that results in personal injury to themselves and/or other passengers.

In 2019, Uber logged close to 7 billion rides taken annually.  Although the ridesharing service uses a vetting process in an attempt to hire responsible and safe drivers, accidents still occur, and sometimes these accidents result in significant personal injury to passengers.

When accidents occur in an Uber and personal injury is incurred by passengers, victims will often want to know their rights to litigation to recover compensation for damages.  A major factor in winning these cases is the ability to prove that the Uber driver was acting in a negligent manner and therefore caused the accident.  To achieve this goal, many victims need the services of a qualified and experienced local personal injury attorney.

Working with a personal injury attorney is always the preferred primary course of action to take when injured in an Uber.  However, there are some general points of advice for handling the experience to which every Florida resident should be made aware.  Therefore, this article aims to provide residents with some baseline information on what to do after being involved in an Uber accident.

Contact the Proper Authorities 

A general rule when involved in any kind of auto accident is to contact the proper authorities, which in many cases is the local police department where the accident occurred.  In addition to attending to any personal injury that occurred on the scene, the police can ensure that everyone’s contact information is logged for future reference.

Take Detailed Notes 

When consulting with a personal injury attorney, the more detail you can provide of the circumstances that lead to the accident, the better.  It is also imperative that your recount of the events is consistent with what the authorities have on file.  Both accounts will likely be used in civil litigation, so it is important that all details are consistent across channels.

Report the Accident in the App 

Reporting the accident through the Uber app notifies the company of what happened.  This triggers the organization to alert their insurance representatives, which will likely reach out to you, your insurance company, and your personal injury attorney.

Be mindful of talking to Uber’s insurance agents on your own.  It is important to let your insurance company and your personal injury attorney communicate and work with them on your behalf to the maximum extent possible.

Contact an Attorney 

After reporting the accident, writing down the details, and reporting the accident through the app, you will need to contact an experienced Orlando personal injury attorney who can help you build your case. Contact Payer Law for a consultation.

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