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Injured By a Reckless Driver? Everything You Need to Know


On average, there are about 6 million car accidents in the United States every year. While part of this statistic can be attributed to the fact that cars are one of the most common forms of transportation, another reason for this number is due to the dangerous nature of cars. Large in size and capable of travelling at high speeds, a person must reach a certain age and undergo proper training before they can operate a car. Even if a person is licensed to drive, they must pay close attention at all times to avoid catastrophic accidents.

While driving carefully can help lessen your chances of getting into an accident, there is no guarantee that the drivers around you are paying an equal amount of attention. In many cases, car accidents are caused by reckless drivers who do not have any concern for others on the road. If you have gotten injured as a result of someone else’s reckless driving, you may be entitled to receiving compensation.

Examples of Reckless Driving

Reckless driving is defined as behavior that intentionally disregards another person’s safety. Examples of reckless driving include but are not limited to:

  • Racing other cars: When a person races other cars, they are more likely to disregard and exceed the speed limit. They are also likely to be more focused on winning the race than driving with caution. As a result, car racing on public roads is reckless driving because it endangers the safety of other people.
  • Texting while driving: In 2018, distracted driving claimed the lives of 2,841 people. Texting while driving is dangerous because it automatically displaces your attention from the road to your phone. When a person drives while operating their phone, they are showing blatant disregard to the safety of others by prioritizing their phone before other drivers.
  • Driving under the influence: The use of substances such as alcohol and drugs impairs a person’s ability to concentrate properly. As a result, people under the influence should never be allowed behind the wheel. Impaired driving is extremely dangerous for everyone both inside and outside of the car. Thus, driving under the influence comes with serious legal consequences.

Involved In an Accident with a Reckless Driver?

In Florida, reckless driving is considered illegal. If you were involved in an accident with a reckless driver, you have the right to file a lawsuit against them. In order to have a successful lawsuit, it is important to hold onto evidence such as your medical bills, digital photos, or video recordings. The more concrete evidence you have, the more likely you are to receive the proper amount of compensation that you deserve.

Searching For a Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you have been injured by a reckless driver, you are likely already stressed enough. From easing your burdens to providing legal assistance, our skilled Orlando personal injury attorneys at Payer Law is here to help. Our lawyers have years of experience under their belt and can help you maximize your compensation. To schedule a free consultation with us, please do not hesitate to give us a call at (866) 930-1238 today.



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