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Important Traffic Laws To Know In Florida


In contemporary American society, we often take for granted just how complex our traffic system is.  From the busiest highway to the smallest country backroad, millions of drivers rely on a common set of laws that dictate driving behavior in an attempt to reduce the risk of accidents and subsequent personal injury.

Although broad generalizations can be made about common sense traffic laws across the nation, individual states such as Florida actually draft laws that are applied to all roadways in the state.  The most important of these laws are taught to driver’s education students when they first get behind the wheel.  However, they are rarely revisited after completion of the course.

As any experienced personal injury attorney can attest, knowledge of a state’s traffic laws is important for a number of reasons.  For example, by understanding Florida’s traffic laws, drivers will be better equipped to spot negligent driving in themselves and others when it occurs.  When an auto accident happens that results in personal injury to one or more parties, any individuals who acted negligently are likely to be unable to pursue successful litigation for compensation.

When injuries do occur due to another driver’s negligence, consultation with a trusted local personal injury attorney should always be the primary course of action.  These professionals will help you build a case that shows your right to compensation for damages incurred.  However, there are some general points of knowledge on this topic that all Florida residents should be made aware of.  Therefore, this article aims to provide some baseline information on what Florida drivers need to know about traffic laws in their state.

Traffic Laws Involving Death or Personal Injury 

Florida law takes crashes involving personal injury very seriously.  For example, the law requires anyone involved in a crash that causes personal injury to remain at the scene until the authorities arrive and information can be exchanged.  Failure to abide by this law can be considered a negligent action, and state law indicates that perpetrators can therefore be liable for monetary restitution for damages incurred.  As always, consultation with your personal injury attorney will provide a clear picture of what to expect.

Unauthorized Traffic Signs, Signals, or Markings 

According to Florida state law, residents are prohibited from putting up any unauthorized sign that resembles a traffic sign of any kind.  Signs like this are often created by unauthorized individuals in an attempt to control or reroute traffic for some purpose that hasn’t been formally approved.  If you are involved in an accident and receive personal injury, part of your case will be reviewing the scene to determine if any of these laws were violated.

The Need for Legal Professionals 

Knowing how to navigate through Florida’s traffic law and personal injury court system requires a great deal of time and experience.  This is why employing the services of an experienced personal injury attorney is so important to ensuring you receive the maximum compensation possible for your damages.  For help with your case, contact the skilled Orlando car accident attorneys at Payer Law today.


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