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Who Is at Fault If You Are Hit by A Car That Hydroplaned?

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A hydroplaned car can be a serious hazard on an already dangerous road. When a hydroplaned car hits you, Payer Law in Orlando advises that you contact a lawyer as soon as possible. We are the car accident lawyer Orlando residents recommend and we know how easy it is for a driver to cause an accident that may not even appear to be their fault. You should never assume that no one is responsible for an accident that was a result of hydroplaning. Contact us at Payer Law to learn more.

What is Hydroplaning and How Does It Happen?

Hydroplaning is something that occurs when there is rain outside and the slickness of the rain creates a slippery coating on the road. Many think that hydroplaning is only dangerous when it rains heavily, but the truth is that hydroplaning can happen even after a light rain. The rain mixes with the oil residue on the pavement and it creates a very slippery surface underneath the car tires. It can become so slippery that, as you are driving, your steering wheel or brakes lose control and the vehicle is compromised. This ultimately can lead the car to skid which can cause an accident that will result in loss of life to you, your passengers, or another car involved.

What Happens When You Are Hit by a Hydroplaned Car?

When you are hit by a car that hydroplaned, you may believe that there is nothing you can do about it because it is an act of nature that is caused by the rain. It is true that the presence of rain on a road cannot be controlled by the drivers, but the driver can control the use of their vehicle on that road during those weather conditions. That is, drivers are expected—and legally required—to maintain caution when they are driving in adverse conditions and they should change their speed and driving habits as required.

If a car goes faster than thirty-five miles per hour, it increases its probability of hydroplaning. The risk also increases when tires are not properly filled with air or when the tires are so old and used that the tread is worn. These conditions are controlled by the driver in question so if a driver skids because of hydroplaning and they hit another person while not adhering to the rules of the road, they can be considered responsible for the accident.

If you are hit by a hydroplaned car, therefore, you should absolutely consider contacting Payer Law in Orlando to get the car accident lawyer Orlando residents trust.

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As a car accident lawyer Orlando residents trust, we at Payer Law know how important it is to get properly compensated for accidents that are not your fault. Do not let yourself take on additional payments that should be someone else’s responsibility and contact us at Payer Law today to schedule a consultation.

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