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How to Take Useful Scene Photos After Your Orlando Auto Accident


No one is ever prepared to get into an auto accident. But the fact is, they happen every day on Florida roads. And, while you can’t always protect yourself from someone else’s negligence, you can help protect your right to compensation when an accident does occur. Aside from contacting an Orlando auto accident attorney after the accident, you can also help your potential case by taking scene photos.

You should not attempt photos if you are too injured or you cannot take them without endangering yourself or someone else. You certainly don’t want to cause a secondary accident. Here are some tips on how to make your scene photos useful after an accident.

Resist the Urge to Style Photos

Social media has really changed the way we take photos. While those fun filters and apps are great for creative expression, you should avoid them for this purpose. You may be tempted to take the photos in a fun camera app that you use for your social media channels, but those apps can degrade the quality of your photos, muddy up important details, etc.

Take Photos of the Overall Scene

Don’t neglect taking photos of the entire scene as best you can. Some people just want to hone in on the details, and that can keep viewers from putting everything into context. If you can, take photos of the overall scene to show the position of the vehicles, the road, and any other objects that are important (like trees, buildings, etc.).

Don’t forget to photograph the traffic signals and stop signs. The photo won’t show whether the light was red or green at the time of the accident, but the position of them can make a difference to investigators and accident reconstruction specialists. If you can, take photos of the skid marks, any broken glass or debris, etc.

Include Photos that Show Weather Conditions

What were the weather conditions at the time of the accident? Was it raining or was there ice on the road? These are important details you need to document if possible. If the sun was shining right into the driver’s face, that is also important to note. Try to take photos from each driver’s perspective so investigators can see what each driver saw.

Get Photos of Injuries and Property Damage

Don’t miss documenting injuries and property damage. You want detailed photos of the property damage and any items that belong to each party. Also look for nearby damage like guardrails, trees, lampposts, or any other stationary objects that suffered damage in the accident. If you can, you also need to take photos of visible injuries. Do not take photos of someone else’s injuries without their permission, however.  If you can get overall scene photos of everyone present without causing problems or making someone angry, then they might be helpful, especially if a witness claims to be there and wasn’t.

Contact a Florida Auto Accident Attorney Today

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