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How Social Media Can Impact Your Orlando Auto Accident Claim


Given that almost everyone now has some form of social media they rely on, it’s not surprising that they are tempted to post about being involved in an auto accident. Some go as far as documenting their pursuit of financial compensation against the other party. While you may feel the need to vent or share all the details, you could be compromising your case and potential compensation. When you retain an Orlando auto accident attorney, one of the first things he or she will tell you is to avoid posting online about your case.

Here’s a look at some of the ways social media can impact your Florida auto accident case.

Posts You Make May Be Used Against You

This goes for any kind of litigation — anything you post on social media may be used against you by the other side at the time of trial. If you post photos of your damaged vehicle and say something like you never saw the guy coming, that could be harmful. If the other side is able to get ahold of that post, they will point to that statement as proof that you shared some fault for the loss because you were not paying attention.

You shouldn’t say anything negative against the other party or their insurance company. Again, if the company or their attorney can get ahold of your posts, they will be looking for anything and everything to use against you. To be honest, it’s better if you can stop using social media at all during the time your claim is pending. You don’t want to run the risk that something you say innocently online will be used against you.

Photos May Be Taken Out of Context

You should refrain from posting any photos online, whether they are new ones or older photos that you are just now uploading. It will be up to you to prove that the photos are not recent. And, even if you can, the jury is not going to necessarily forget the images of you healthy.

Imagine that you are presenting a claim to the insurance company stating that you are bed ridden and cannot work or complete your daily activities due to the pain you are suffering from an auto accident. While you are bored and lying in bed, you decide to go through old photos from a girls’ night out and upload them to Facebook. It doesn’t matter if those photos are two years old, the insurance company will use them to plant doubt with the jury about the extent of your injuries. 

Tips for Social Media Users in a Personal Injury Claim

Asking people to refrain from using social media after an accident doesn’t always work of course. There are some things you should be extra mindful of after an accident where you are presenting a claim or suing the other side:

  • Make sure your privacy settings are on the strictest settings.
  • Don’t allow yourself to be tagged in photos or posts that will appear on your page.
  • Don’t upload photos of yourself at all while the claim is pending.
  • Don’t post about attending any events.
  • Remove any posts you might’ve made about the accident, and never post about things your attorney has shared privately with you.

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