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How Not Following Pedestrian Crosswalk Laws Can Affect Your Case

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In a personal injury case, even the smallest details can affect the outcome of your case. If your case deals with you being injured due a car’s negligence, pedestrian crosswalk laws can seriously affect the outcome of your case. It is important to keep these laws in mind as you proceed forward with your lawyer, so that you still receive all the compensation you are due. A proper personal injury lawyer can review these laws with you and consult you on how the laws in your area will specifically impact your case. Payer Law in Orlando, Florida, a business offering personal injury case services can help you determine how your case may impacted by pedestrian crosswalk laws.

Who has the right of way?

Knowing who has the right of way is the first step to determining who is at fault in a case involving a pedestrian. If the car had the right of way—for instance, if it was green turning light and you walked out to the crosswalk—then you may be at fault for the accident and may not receive any compensation. However, if you had the right of way—for instance, if there was a “Yield” sign and you were already on the crosswalk at the time that the car attempted to make a turn—then the car driver is at fault and you may be entitled to compensation. You cannot claim compensation from a driver who had the right of way, regardless of how bad your injury is, so be certain to double check your state’s pedestrian laws before contacting a personal injury lawyer.

Because there are different specifications in who has the right of way at different intersections, it’s important to review your state’s statutes on pedestrians and crosswalk laws. Pedestrian laws can be intricate and can vary widely between states, so make sure you carefully review your state’s laws and that you know the exact pedestrian laws that apply to your specific case.

Consult a personal injury lawyer

If you are uncertain about what pedestrian laws apply to you and your case or if you are uncertain about who had the right of way at the time of the accident, contact a personal injury lawyer for further information. With their guidance, you can file a case against the person who injured you and make certain that you receive compensation for your accident.

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Pedestrian laws can make an impact on your case if you do not follow them. If you were hit by a car while using a crosswalk, the laws of who has the right of way can make a difference in whether or not you are at fault. If you have questions about your personal injury case and need further information on how pedestrian laws can impact your case, contact Payer Law in Orlando, Florida. They can help you sort through your case and ensure that you receive compensation in the event of an accident where you were a pedestrian.

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