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How Much Is My Florida Personal Injury Case Worth?


Life is precious. Personal injury lawsuits are a testament of that same sentiment. As human beings, we honor and cherish the idea that everyone is entitled to live free of pain, suffering, and crippling medical expenses for injuries one did not cause.

Fortunately, our American system of justice can intervene when needed to make sure that broken lives are being put back together. In this article, we are going to examine the background of compensation in a personal injury lawsuit, potential reimbursements, and any limits (or “caps”) that are enacted by Florida courts.

What Are Damages in a Personal Injury Lawsuit? 

The term damages is a legal word for what is owed to the injured person. The idea is to “make the Plaintiff whole” following an injury. In most cases, it’s not possible to achieve this outcome. That’s why people are awarded financial retribution from a comprehensive standpoint. A variety of considerations to damages will include:

  • medical expenses;
  • emotional anguish; and
  • overall financial livelihood impacted

The objective of winning damages is to help the injured person regain the same quality of life as if the injury never occurred or as close as possible to it. Your Florida personal injury lawyer can help you determine what can be included in your lawsuit. He or she is able to counsel you in maximizing your award.

Types of Compensation Awarded in Personal Injury Lawsuits 

In this section, our firm has listed a small handful of expenses and costs that may be awarded to the injured person on order by judge or jury. Take a look at the list of types of compensation awarded in personal injury lawsuits below.

Present and Future Medical Expenses 

An injured person might be able to receive payment for all medical treatment associated with the accident. If he or she is injured to the point of needing continuous or lifelong care, the party responsible for the injuries caused may assume the role of paying for related expenses.

Current and Future Lost Wages 

If you are injured and are unable to work, the end result could be lost wages. The person or entity responsible for the accident could become liable for paying these expenses, as well. This could also include wages related to debilitating injuries that prevent someone from working in the future. The responsible party may also be on the hook for paying a person’s future lost wages.

Pain, Suffering, and Mental Anguish 

Aside from medical bills, lost wages, and other measurable expenses, a person’s exposure to pain and suffering should be compensated to the enduring and injured person. Not only does the injury cause physical trauma, it can also lead to other issues experienced by the individual, such as PTSD, depression, and other personality changes. These are conditions that can affect a person for his or her entire life. One can take legal action to obtain payment for these problems as well.

Are There Any Caps on Damages in Florida? 

In some courts across the country, caps on certain types of damages that can be awarded to a plaintiff. Florida does not set a limit on compensatory damages except for pain, suffering, and mental anguish.  These are usually limited to a maximum of 3 times the amount awarded for lost wages and medical expenses.

Comparative Negligence 

Florida is a comparative negligence state. In its simplest meaning, our state considers the role that the injured person played in the accident. This is called fault. Fault will be divided between the parties, in percentages, even if the complainant only played a small role in the incident.

Yet, this percentage can be difficult to determine. A personal injury lawyer can make sure your interests are being represented in the courtroom when determining the percentage of fault.

Talk to an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Florida 

At Payer Law, it’s our mission to ensure that your accident is taken seriously by recuperating as many costs, damages, and expenses allowable by Florida law. Contact our office today for a free, no-obligation consultation regarding your injuries with an Orlando personal injury lawyer. You can reach us by phone at 866-930-1238 or by completing our online form.


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