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How Much Can I Get From Suing The Government In Florida?


If you have been injured due to some kind of negligence on the part of the government, you can sue and receive compensation. But before you start on the long, arduous road towards a settlement, you might wonder whether it’s even worth the effort. After all, a lawsuit can take many years to resolve, and it has the potential to consume many hours of your life. You might also be trying to do the math and figure out whether your settlement will cover your total damages. Lawsuits against government agencies are handled slightly differently compared to other lawsuits, and it helps to review these unique factors before moving forward.

What Are Damage Caps? 

The phrase “damage caps” refers to the maximum amount of money you can recover from a lawsuit. These usually apply to very specific situations, such as pain & suffering in a medical malpractice lawsuit, or lawsuits against specific parties. Sometimes, these damage caps can be overcome – but in many situations you’re stuck receiving only a fraction of your total settlement amount because of these limitations. For example, a jury might award you $3 million – but you might only be eligible to receive a few hundred thousand of this compensation due to Florida’s laws.

What Are the Damage Caps for Government Lawsuits in Florida?

As of this writing, the damage cap for injury claims made against the government is $200,000. This means that even if you are awarded millions of dollars by a jury or judge after suing the government, you can only receive $200,000. Many victims’ rights activists believe that this system is unfair, and this is why certain steps have been taken to address these limitations. For example, Democratic Senator Darryl Rouson and Republican Representative Linda Chaney have introduced new legislation in 2023, seeking to remove these damage caps and allow more access to compensation for victims harmed by government agencies.

An Example of Limited Compensation Against Government Agencies 

On February 26th, it was reported that a woman from Clearwater had been awarded $3 million for a serious injury after being crushed by a school bus. The only problem was that she could only collect $2.8 million due to the state’s damage caps. This is despite the fact that her total damages are likely to be well over $4 million, as her spinal injury will require a lifetime of treatment. She is also unable to work – probably for the rest of her life.

Where Can I Find a Qualified, Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in Orlando? 

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced Orlando personal injury attorney, look no further than Payer Law. Over the years, we have helped numerous injured plaintiffs – including those who have been harmed due to government negligence. While damage caps may prevent you from recovering a certain amount, it’s still well worth the effort to consider your legal options alongside a lawyer. This is especially true considering potential changes to the legislature that might be coming soon. Book your consultation today to review your options and take your first steps towards justice.


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