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How Coronavirus Could Affect Your Traffic Injury Case


The coronavirus (COVID-19) is causing problems in almost every aspect of life. Personal injury cases may have added complexities to them as our healthcare system navigates the pandemic, and as Americans cope with serious financial hardships. Below are a few ways in which COVID-19 could potentially affect a personal injury claim.

Increased Financial Pressure Could Mean Victims Take Low Settlement Offers

According to NBC News, a record 6.6 million Americans recently filed for unemployment in just a seven day period. Millions more have yet to file for unemployment, and still more remain ineligible because of the work they do, such as independent contractors and gig workers like Uber drivers. Many Americans have been able to keep their jobs, but are working at reduced hours or wages. Small business owners are on the brink of financial ruin and bankruptcy. According to The Hill, nearly one in four small businesses is within two months of permanently closing its doors. Insurance companies know how much Americans are hurting, and may offer a very low settlement because they believe you will take it because you need the cash as soon as possible. By working with an attorney, there may be options to hold out longer for a much larger settlement, or lawsuit verdict, down the road.

You Could Contract COVID-19 at The Hospital

One very real possibility of having to visit an emergency room following a traffic collision is contracting COVID-19. Not only will this delay your overall healing from your traffic injuries, but the virus could very well threaten your very life or put you in the ICU for weeks.

Elective Procedures Are Being Put on Hold in Hospitals

As hospitals reach maximum capacity, many are cancelling all elective surgeries. These surgeries are often necessary—not optional as the name implies. If you suffered a hip injury from a car crash and you need to have surgery on the hip to repair a torn labrum or install an artificial hip, this procedure—because it can be scheduled in advance—is termed an “elective” surgery. Because of the coronavirus, it may be delayed, resulting in additional pain and suffering, a worse long-term outcome, chronic pain, and increased lost wages.

Transportation Issues Due to COVID-19

If your vehicle was seriously damaged in the collision, it may be more difficult to find a mechanic or auto body to repair the damage because of reduced hours or closures. Furthermore, taking public transportation while your vehicle is being worked on could expose you to COVID-19. Purchasing a new vehicle may be an option, but the financial strain that many Americans are dealing with right now could make this an impossibility until you win your personal injury case, which takes many months—often well over a year—to finalize.

Call an Experienced Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer Today

When things seem like they cannot get any worse, they inevitably do. This may be one of the worst times ever to need emergency medical treatment, lose your vehicle, and to have to deal with a personal injury case, but our attorneys can help you through it. If you were injured in a traffic collision, you deserve to be compensated fairly, regardless of the coronavirus pandemic. Call the Orlando auto accident attorneys at the Payer Law today at 866-930-1238 to schedule a free consultation.



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