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What To Do If You Are Hit By A Public Transportation Bus

An attorney can represent you if you are hit by public transportation

Public transportation is an affordable way for most Americans to get around, and buses are one of the most popular options. Even though this transportation mode serves many people, it can cause suffering in the form of accidents. The size of public transport buses makes them more dangerous in collisions and can cause severe injuries and extensive property damage. Accidents involving common carriers like buses have different components, thus the need to understand how to approach such a case. If you were in a crash in Orlando involving a public bus, how should you proceed?

Duty of Care for Common Carriers

When evaluating an accident involving a public bus, an auto accident attorney Orlando must indicate if any breach of the duty of care occurred. The state government is responsible for regulating common carriers, which are individuals or businesses with licenses to transport passengers. As with other road users, public buses have certain responsibilities. For one, common carriers should ensure proper maintenance of vehicles. They should also provide qualified personnel to operate the machinery. Common carriers have a responsibility to track and correct all design flaws in vehicles. They must also ensure that passengers have the necessary security for the sake of their health and safety.

After an Accident

After a public transportation bus hits you, call for medical help. If possible, take pictures of the scene and notes. Make certain you get the name of the transit company and operator. This information is very useful when approaching a law firm like the Payer Law. The attorney can use these details to verify some facts. Don’t wait too long to contact a law firm after an accident. Your lawyer will proceed to establish fault and determine if you have valid grounds to seek compensation.

Some of the popular reasons for such accidents include negligence on the part of the common carrier, driver’s lack of training and technical issues with the vehicle. Whatever it is, the accident attorney must find sufficient proof. If other road users were involved in the crash, their statements can strengthen your case. Law firms have resources that they can use to find evidence to sue. For instance, a lawyer may request CCTV footage to determine who is at fault.

Public Transit Laws

In Florida, you can file a lawsuit against the government after getting hit by a public bus. Most of the transportation vehicles in Florida are under government management and the Florida Tort Claims Act gives you the power to seek compensation. The problem is that lawsuits against government agencies can get very complex, hence the need for a qualified auto accident attorney Orlando. Filing under the Tort Claims Act requires you to follow a very specific procedure and fill special forms, which you have to submit within certain time guidelines. You have four years to bring a case forward after an accident involving a transit vehicle. Claims must also be brought against a specific department, or you risk losing the case.

Lawsuits involving public transportation agencies usually have lower settlements compared to personal injury cases. Government agencies have restrictions on the possible compensations awarded to victims. Experienced lawyers such as those from Payer Law can explain how to approach settlement negotiations with government bodies and how much to ask for. Contact an auto accident lawyer in Orlando to help you navigate a public transit accident claim. For a free consultation, contact us at 866-930-1238 or if you have general questions, we are available 24/7 at 407-307-2979. You can also visit our website to see what claims we represent

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