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Truck Companies Must Follow The FMCSR Screening Laws

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The world of commercial trucking can be dangerous, especially if certain regulations are not met on a daily basis. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations or FMCSR are essential to keeping this particular end of the roadways running smoothly. If a driver is hired without going through the right background checks, the trucking company could end up getting a visit from an Orlando truck accident lawyer trying to get compensation for an accident victim. Whether you’ve been the victim of an accident or you’re a trucking company looking to protect yourselves, the professionals at the Payer Law can help!

Risks of Improper Screening

When a company hires a fleet of drivers, they are not only giving them the responsibility of taking care of the product(s) they are delivering, but they are also putting the lives of others into those drivers’ hands in the name of the company. If anything were to go wrong, the company could potentially be liable. The more people a company hires, the higher their liability goes. Something else that could make their liability go up even higher is improper screening. If someone is not investigated thoroughly and they are placed on the road, they could cause injury or death to those around them. In the event of an accident, an Orlando truck accident lawyer might look into the driver to see if they had any kind of moving violations in the past, maybe DUI convictions, or even health risks that may have contributed to a crash.

Adding to the FMCSR Screening

In many cases, only the minimum screening as per the Federal Motor Safety Regulations is done. Basically, these regulations manage the level of screening that must take place. This can include a mandatory road test and physical exam, age limitations, and depending on the job it could require the driver to have or obtain a commercial driver’s license (CDL). Other things should be taken into consideration when screening a new driver as well. It is important to know as much about a driver as possible to reduce the risk of negative repercussions in the future. In addition to the previously mentioned requirements, it might also be a good idea to implement some of the following:

  • Run a criminal background check
    • The risk of hiring someone with a history of moving violations or convictions can be detrimental
    • Even if their criminal record is clean, it would also be beneficial to obtain their driving record to look for other red flags as well, like excessive speeding or reckless driving tickets.
  • Require a vision test
    • A basic physical is great, but a vision test should be at the top of the list for professional drivers
  • Test their knowledge through a written examination in conjunction with the road test
  • Provide them with a detailed orientation and a safety manual before they start

Of course, there are only a few of the steps that could be taken to gain a detailed history on a new driver. It is important to remember that without many of these details, companies could potentially place hundreds of improperly trained drivers on the road.

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If you or someone you know was involved in an accident involving a truck and you think the FMSCR screening laws may not have been followed, you need an Orlando truck accident lawyer right away. Call or visit the Payer Law today for more information.

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