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Motorcycle Laws in Florida

FL motorcycle laws in Orlando

In the state of Florida, there are a number of laws to take into consideration when getting out on the road in a motorcycle. FL motorcycle laws can be difficult to understand and they are constantly being challenged and changed and it is important to understand these changes in order to ensure that you are staying safe out on the road. If you need assistance in understanding or keeping up with motorcycle law or if you’ve been in an accident and need help with legal matters, contact Payer Law, a motorcycle accident attorney in Orlando, Florida, for information.

Lane Splitting

When traffic is moving slowly or there is a number of cars on the road, a motorcyclist may take it upon themselves to weave between lanes in order to cut through the chaos. This is typically illegal in other states. However, in the state of Florida, it is still legal. This means that motorcyclists can use lane splitting in order to cut through traffic. If they do get into an accident, then they are still liable for any damages that they incur to themselves and others. This can change if there was a car involved in the accident and they can be found at least partially responsible for what occurred. For this reason, dealing with motorcycle accidents that involve lane splitting can be a complicated process.

Motorcycle helmets

Florida statute 316.211 dictates that a person riding a motorcycle must wear a helmet and protective eye gear. However, there can be an exception if the person has at least $10,000 worth of an insurance policy that covers medical benefits. This means that person who is caught not wearing a helmet must have insurance of at least $10,000 in order avoid a fine or other legal consequences. Though there was a bill introduced earlier this year to try to change this law and make all motorcycle riders wear a helmet regardless of their insurance, this bill died. Therefore, it is still legal to be without a motorcycle helmet as long as you have the required amount of insurance.

FL motorcycle laws regarding financial responsibility

In the state of Florida, it is required that everyone have insurance for their motor vehicle or demonstrate that they have the financial means to pay should an accident occur. This law is called Financial Responsibility Law and it applies to motorcycles as well as cars. It means that you have to have insurance on your motorcycle or seek out a Self-Insurance Certificate from the Bureau of Financial Responsibility that shows that you are financially capable of going without insurance.

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Motorcycle laws can vary from state to state but it is important to know the differences for your particular state in the event that you get into an accident. A motorcycle accident attorney can assist you if you get into an accident or if you have any questions about how FL motorcycle laws can affect your case. Contact Payer Law in Orlando, Florida, a motorcycle accident attorney, for guidance with your case.

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