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Who Is At Fault? I Need A Car Accident Lawyer In Orlando

Car Accident Lawyer In Orlando

The Payer Law is popular when searching for a Car Accident Lawyer In Orlando. In the state of Florida fault in an auto accident is one of the most important aspects of any car accident claim. Basically, whomever was the one whose carelessness or disregard was the cause of the accident, is the one who is at fault and pays for the damages caused by his/her actions.

The problem arises when it is not clear who was at fault. In cases such as these it is common for the parties to share fault. How much each side must pay is decided on a case by case basis as all the information is analyzed.

The insurance companies of the parties, are the entities that will often decide what percentage will be paid. This is why it is essential you have representation, should you feel you deserve a higher percentage than initially made.

What Type Of Fault Do We Use In Florida? Pure Comparative Fault

In the state of Florida this is is the type of fault used to figure out the calculations for damages. For example, if you were in a car accident in which you were 10% at fault, and injured your neck, you are able to recover that amount in damages. So in this hypothetical scenario, let’s say your neck injury damages amount to $3,000.00. You will be entitled to recover $300.00 ($3,000.00 x 100%) for your injury. Had you been 80% at fault for the accident, you would have recovered $2,400.00 ($3000.00 x 80%).

Other types of fault used in other states are Proportional Comparative Fault 51%, and Proportional Comparative Fault 50%. These types are a bit more stringent than that used here in Florida.

How Do Insurance Companies Decide on Fault?

After an auto accident it is the duty of the insurance claims adjuster to analyze all of the circumstances pertaining to the collision and assign the amount of fault. As a citizen you have the right to negotiate with the claims adjuster if you feel their initial fault amount was not accurately portraying the situation. If you need to speak to a Car Accident Lawyer In Orlando to help you negotiate with the insurance companies, this is where you can experience the benefits of working with an attorney.

It is important that you review your car insurance policy and confirm whether or not your plan includes extra coverage or protection in case of an auto accident. This extra coverage is often called Personal Injury Protection and is coverage that will help pay for damages regardless of who ever was at fault in an accident.

If you are in need of a car accident lawyer in Orlando, FL the Payer Law has extensive knowledge in this area and can provide you with excellent service. Their number of cases that have greatly benefited their car accident clients speaks for itself. Make an appointment by calling 407-307-2979 today or walk in to our office located on: 6735 Conroy Road, Suite 332, Orlando, FL 32835.

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