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FAQs About Scooter Use In Orlando: What Residents Should Know


In many major metropolitan areas across the United States, residents are witnessing a personal transportation renaissance on par with the invention of the bicycle.  Personal stand-up electric scooters are debuting in cities across America, in an attempt to solve what urban planners call the “last mile” problem in mass public transportation.  While much attention is given to how fun and convenient these scooters can be, it can be easy to forget that like all forms of transportation there is an inherent risk of personal injury for riders.

With its tropical climate and bountiful amusement and entertainment options, Orlando is an attractive destination for vacationers, retirees, and anyone who loves the sunshine.  However, for many individuals who do not own a car, transportation can be a challenge.  To combat this issue, Orlando has recently unveiled its new scooter sharing program.

For city residents who elect to use these scooters to get from A to B, it is imperative that they understand the personal injury risks involved in this mode of transportation.  Part of this responsibility involves understanding the city’s scooter program, including what is allowed and what is not.

When accidents do occur between scooter riders and automobile drivers in Orlando and personal injury results to scooter riders, these victims are likely going to want to know their rights to litigation in an attempt to recover compensation for damages.  To accomplish this, many people choose to employ the services of an experienced local personal injury attorney.

While these legal professionals should always be considered the primary resource for information and insight into personal injury cases involving scooter riders, there are some general points of knowledge regarding Orlando’s scooter program to which all residents should be made aware.  Therefore, this article aims to answer some frequently asked questions about Orlando’s scooter program.

Are Helmets Required for Scooter Riders in Orlando? 

Helmets are not required to ride a scooter in Orlando.  However, it is strongly encouraged by local authorities.  Furthermore, if an accident occurs between a scooter rider and a car that causes personal injury to the scooter rider, a personal injury court may consider the scooter rider’s failure to wear a helmet as a negligent choice, which could impact the amount of compensation that is ultimately awarded under Florida’s comparative negligence system of fault determination.

What Areas in Orlando are Off Limits for Riders? 

Scooters are not allowed in certain public areas across the city, such as city parks.  Scooter riders are responsible for adhering to any posted signage that indicates where a scooter is not allowed.  When personal injury occurs to scooter riders in an area where they weren’t supposed to be riding, this can impact their ability to pursue legal recourse.

What are the Accident Rates for Scooters in Orlando? 

Right now, there is not much data available on the number or frequency of scooter accidents in Orlando.  However, the Transportation Planning Division will be monitoring this program to determine what improvements or modifications should be made.

When to Contact an Attorney 

As mentioned above, scooter accident victims are likely to want to know their rights when personal injury results.  Contact the Orlando scooter accident attorneys at Payer Law for a consultation on your case today.


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