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Workers Compensation Claims Problems in Florida

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Workers compensation claims may seem straightforward but there’s actually a number of things that may stand in your way and keep you from being able to get the compensation you need to recover from your injury. For this reason, contact employment lawyers for assistance. In Orlando, Payer Law, a workers compensation attorney Orlando trusts, can be your resource for handling your workers compensation case.

The insurance company picks your doctor

In their pursuit of getting you back to work as soon as possible, your employer is in charge of selecting your doctor by way of your insurance. You cannot use your own personal physician. What this means is that their diagnosis can work against you and make it so you have to work much faster than you actually need to. Instead of trying to tend to your actual illness, the doctor will do whatever is necessary to get you back to work quickly. This means that you can be stuck with a much less severe diagnosis for what could be a greater problem.

There is no guarantee you’ll keep your job

Employers are typically not bound to hold your job for you. This means that if you are absent for some time then you may find that your job is not there for you when you are ready to return. This pressures the employee into returning to work well before they are ready and, because they still may not be physically recovered, this could lead to more workplace injury in the future.

It is difficult to prove disability

Disability only kicks in if you are unable to do you job. This means that if you can perform some job tasks, even if it is not the job that you are normally paid to do, you can be denied disability. This applies even if the new job pays significantly less or if the new job is in an entirely different field. The only thing that matters is that you can work and therefore do not require disability. Because of this, employment lawyers recommend that you seek out assistance with your case so that you may stand up against these unfair practices.

You can only receive compensation checks for so long

The insurance company is not interested in paying you until you are fully and completely recovered. Their primary interest is in getting you back to work. This means that you will not receive compensation checks after your doctor clears you to go back to work. For most people this means that they will have to return to work as soon as they can regardless of whether they feel capable or not.

Employment lawyers can help

If you have any questions or doubts about the way that your workers compensation case is being handled, contact a workers compensation attorney Orlando individuals trust for more information on how to deal with the insurance companies and your employer. Don’t allow the insurance company and your employer to take from you what you deserve.

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Payer Law has the resources to help you in your workers compensation case. They are the workers compensation attorney Orlando trusts for handling their cases and receiving the compensation they need. Contact today for help in receiving your worker’s compensation.

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