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What Can A DUI Do To Your Record

drunk driving accidents in orlando

Drunk driving accidents happen far too often. And while there are many laws in place to try to prevent this type of reckless behavior, there is only so much that can be done to prevent an impaired driver from getting behind the wheel. To keep the incentive alive, below is a list of examples of what a DUI conviction can do to your record. Hopefully these long-term consequences can be enough to stop an impaired person from driving.

Any time you or a friend have been out drinking, please do the responsible thing and call them or yourself an Uber. Other ways to prevent accidents due to drunk driving can be to illicit a in the Designated Driver method, or to help a friend in need if they call you for a ride home. If you need an Orlando car accident lawyer due to any type of involvement with drunk driving, please contact Payer Law to help you get through this process.

1. Driver’s License Revocation

A DUI conviction automatically means having your driver’s license revoked. Even if it is your first convention, your driver’s license can be revoked for up to two years. This will make it hard for you to get to work, school, or if you are a parent, drive your children around for their daily needs. If your job requires driving, this may also result in the loss of your job.

2. Drunk Driving Accidents and Background Checks

Most jobs (especially in corporate and professional industries) require background checks on all potential applicants. A DUI convention can be listed on your background as a felony or misdemeanor. Whichever the case, this conviction on your background may be the reason why you do not secure the job. Background checks are also done for financial aid for college students as well as for any type of bank loan. Having this conviction may prevent you from obtaining these financially advances. If you are looking to buy or rent a home, this conviction on your background may delay the process or prevent you from getting the home you want altogether.

3. Hindered Professional Relationships

A DUI conviction can cause a strain on your professional relationships. While some of your employers or colleagues may be understanding of your situation, others may not agree with your decisions. This can cause downfalls in your job opportunities as well as cause tension in your work environment. A DUI conviction will automatically put a mark on your reputation, especially in cases where the arrest is made public knowledge.

4. Increased Auto Insurance Rates

An Orlando car accident lawyer will be the first to tell you to prepare for your auto insurance rates to increase after a DUI conviction. Those who are the cause of drunk driving accidents are typically deemed as high-risk drivers by insurance companies, which will increase your policy rate significantly. Some insurance companies can opt to terminate your coverage or increase your rates as much as triple what you are currently paying. This rate increase can last for several years.

5. Issues with Your Current Employer

A DUI conviction can not only hinder your professional relationships, but it can also cause you to lose your job altogether. Jail time after the incident and settlement court dates can cause you to miss work, which may not sit well with your employer. It can ultimately cost you your job if this situation causes too many issues with your work schedule.

DUI convictions should not be taken lightly. After seeking medical attention, the first thing you should do is contact an Orlando car accident lawyer. Call Payer Law right away if you are looking for an attorney to represent you.

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