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Hit by an Uninsured Truck Driver? Can You Sue?

driving without insurance orlando

When a truck driver chooses to start driving without insurance, they put everyone around them at risk. The Orlando truck accident lawyer of Payer Law recommends that its clients understand what can happen when they are dealing with an uninsured truck driver. Without insurance, there are a number of resources that can be accessed for you to get your compensation, so be sure to hire an attorney to help you sort through the chaos and find a viable solution. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us at Payer Law today and schedule a consultation.

What Does the Law Say?

The law dictates that those who are driving trucks, whether it is commercially or otherwise, have to carry insurance for the unlikely event that they end up in an accident. This ensures that the victim of the accident gets the compensation that they deserve. However, not every truck driver adheres to this law. This means that there are truck drivers who are illegally transporting cargo without insurance.

What this does is put at risk every person on the road. This is because the driver could cause an accident after which the victim would not be able to gain the funds they would need to cover their medical expenses and damage repair.

There have been stories wherein the driver of a truck was driving without insurance and the family of the victim of an accident that they caused tried to sue the business for whom the driver was working, to no avail. The courts ruled that the business was not at fault because they did not have sufficient evidence that they were responsible and the courts were not in the habit of ruling in the victim’s favor based on precedent.

Was the Person Driving Without Insurance?

If the driver was driving without insurance, they are still liable to pay for your medical expenses and damages. However, because they do not have insurance, there may be other parties to consider that may be able to pay for all of your costs. For instance, if the driver was running cargo for a business and that business did not provide the driver with insurance, the business may be the one responsible.

In order to weave through all of these technicalities, it is important to have an experienced lawyer at your side. Payer Law is the Orlando truck accident lawyer that can help you sort through your accident and give you the support you need in that difficult time. Contact us to see how we can help you during your accident.

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As an Orlando truck accident lawyer, Payer Law understands how important it is to help its clients deal with the tumult that a truck accident with an uninsured driver can cause. If the truck driver that you got into an accident with did not have insurance, contact us at Payer Law to see how we could help you.

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