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Delivery Vehicles and Pedestrian Injuries


The modern world is one in which you can buy a houseful of items without ever leaving your couch, and those products can be on your front porch the very next day. Amazon, FedEX, UPS, and other delivery services are raking in the cash, particularly with COVID-19 shutting down many in-person stores. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, has already made over $35 billion this year, according to Business Insider, growing his net worth to over $150 billion. Groceries and restaurants are turning to delivery services like GrubHub and others, which bring food to our doorsteps. The food delivery industry is poised to grow by $44 billion over the next four years due to COVID, according to Business Wire. All of these delivery services, from Amazon to Uber Eats, come at a price—traffic safety. With more delivery vehicles navigating residential streets, all pressured to deliver as much product as possible in a given amount of time, children, pets, cyclists, and pedestrians are being put at risk.

How Did the Collision Occur?

As a pedestrian, you generally have right of way when it comes to smaller, residential streets, though this is not always the case. Pedestrians’ rights have greatly diminished over the last century, making way for people in cars at the expense of pedestrian safety. If you were hit on the sidewalk or in the crosswalk, you stand a good chance at winning your claim. However, if you were hit while “jaywalking,” it may be more difficult to win your case. You need an attorney to prove that the delivery driver’s negligence led to the collision.

Estimating the Value of Your Case Through Your Injuries and Lost Wages

Your medical bills can be used to determine your pain and suffering, while your average weekly wages can be used, along with your age and education, to estimate your lost economic earning ability if you suffered a debilitating injury. These three factors (medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost earning capacity) make up the largest part of most personal injury claims. You can also sue for emotional distress, property damage, loss of joy of life, and more.

What is the Policy of the Delivery Company?

Your case may be worth over $1 million, but if the delivery service has a policy half that, it may be difficult to be compensated for the full value of your claim. Some companies, such as Uber, have specific policies that can be applied if their driver was at fault, which top out at $1 million. Other companies, like Amazon, hire contractors to deliver their products, so while you may hope to sue Amazon directly, or collect from their insurance company, chances are that you will have to pursue compensation from the private contractor that caused the injury.

An Orlando Delivery Truck Collision Attorney Can Help Make You Whole

The trauma of being hit by a vehicle as a pedestrian can never be erased. We are here to help you move on with your life, hopefully with more economic freedom than you had before. To learn more about your legal options for compensation, call the Orlando personal injury lawyers at the Payer Law today at 866-930-1238 to schedule a free consultation.



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