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Defective Car Seat Lawsuit


Parents would do almost anything to protect their children, which is why responsible parents use car seats and booster seats for their young children, toddlers, and infants. In the event of a collision, a properly strapped-in booster or car seat vastly increases the young occupant’s chances of surviving or remaining uninjured. But what happens when the very car seat or booster seat that a parent used, ends up being the cause of injury, or does not work properly when it is needed the most? Contact an attorney; you may be able to file a product liability claim.

Car Seat Facts

There is no disputing it—car seats and booster seats reduce injury and death among child passengers. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a car seat reduces the chance of injury in a collision by 71 to 82 percent for children, compared with seat belt use alone. Booster seats reduce the chance of injury in a collision by 45 percent for children aged four to eight years old, compared with seat belt use alone.

  • A rear-facing car seat should be used from birth until around two to four years old;
  • A forward-facing car seat should be used until the age of five;
  • A booster seat should be used until the child is large enough for a seat belt to be effective, which usually occurs between the ages of nine and 12, or more accurately when the child reaches the height of at least four feet, nine inches.

Additionally, car and booster seats should be used in the back seat, not the front, and children should not be placed in the front seat due to the risk of airbag injury. This is true even for rear-facing car seats. If possible, children placed in booster and car seats should be placed in the safest seat possible: the rear middle seat. 

Defective Car and Booster Seats Recently Recalled

Countless car seats have been recalled due to extreme safety concerns. According to Very Well Family, the following brands/models have recently been subject to recalls:

  • Diano Radian R100, Radian R120, Radian RXT, Olympia, Pacifica, and Rainier;
  • Harmony Big Boost Deluxe;
  • Graco My Ride 65;
  • Britax B-Safe 35
  • 4Moms Self-Installing Infant Car Seat;
  • Baby Trend Hybrid LX 3-in1 Centennial;
  • Graco ComfortSport, Ready Ride, Classic Ride;
  • KidEvenflo Transitions 3-in-1dy World Plus; and
  • Many others.

Whether a child car seat or booster seat has been recalled or not, you can file a personal injury claim due to a defective product if the seat caused the injury, or did not work properly and failed to provide the safety measures claimed by the manufacturer.

An Orlando Defective Car Seat Attorney is Here to Help

If your child was harmed in a collision or another type of booster or car seat accident, an experienced product liability attorney can help you sue the manufacturer or other responsible parties to ensure that your child’s damages are addressed. Contact our experienced Orlando personal injury lawyers at the Payer Law today at 866-930-1238 to schedule a free consultation.



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