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How To Deal With School Playground Injuries

Payer Law playground accident

It is that time of year again, where you send your children off to school and can have some peace and quiet during the day. As great as this idea sounds, it is not realistic. Any parent can relate to the fact that once you have children, life becomes even more unpredictable. Most parents would do anything for the children and love them dearly, so when they are injured or are in crisis, parents will be there for their children right away. As a parent, you must be prepared to drop everything you are doing at work or in your personal life to cater to your child should an accident occur. This is a commitment that great parents are accustomed to. Imagine you are at work and you receive a phone call from your child’s school saying that your child has had a playground accident. Your heart will most likely skip a beat, and then you will need to call our Orlando accident lawyer at the Payer Law in Orlando.

Playground Accidents

Playground injuries can occur at public schools, daycares, and private schools. The injuries are usually caused by unsafe activity and behaviors of children. When young children are on the playground at school, especially during recess, they need to be supervised at all times. If your child was seriously injured in a playground accident, you need to know about the concept of premises liability and the negligent supervision of children. Even knowing that these exist may help you decide whether or not to file a claim for injury compensation. When someone accepts responsibility for the care of your child, they are considered the fill in guardian while you are away from the school. The person who has decided to take care for your child could be held liable for any harm that is done to your child because of lack of supervision. The school should have an effective system in place for the supervision of all kids in order to keep children safe at all times.

Can I Sue The School?

To bring a suit against the school for your child’s injury based on premises liability, our Orlando accident attorney shares that you must be able to show that:

  • The defendant was in charge of the property
  • The defendant didn’t exercise the proper amount of care
  • The child was injured in a foreseeable way
  • The defendant’s carelessness was a major cause of the child’s injury

For example, if your child is injured on the playground by a sharp crack in a metal slide, the school has authority over the playground area. Since the school expects children to play on the equipment, they have a duty to make sure the playground measures up to safety standards and they are supposed to inspect it regularly in order to fix any problems that are cause for concern. Due to a lack of making sure everything is safe for child’s play, the school can be deemed negligent for injuring a child.

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If your child has been involved in a playground accident in Orlando, talk with our Orlando accident lawyer at Payer Law today. We know how important your children are to you and they are just as important to us. When your child has been injured due to the negligence of their school attendant, you may be able to receive compensation. To find out more information about playground accidents, call us today at 407-307-2979 or visit our website!

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