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What To Do If You Are Cyclist and Have Been Hit By a Car

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We are committed to representing victims of personal injury accidents and their families. We focus on settlement payouts. You can feel safe about your case being in reliable hands here at the Payer Law, in the Orlando, FL area. We have years of experience and take pride in every personal injury case to assure the attention needed is given to each and every case. A major benefit we offer is that we give free consultations and we do not charge a fee up front for our services. We handle all aspects of your auto accident case to find the best settlement for your personal injury claim. We can cover personal injury cases such as wrongful death, auto accidents, pedestrian accidents, and job accidents, along with a few others. If you a cyclist and have been hit by a car, our bicycle accident attorney from Payer Law is here to help your case and will fight until the end to get you where you need to be.

Why you should get a bicycle accident attorney

First things first, call an attorney right away. Once you have gathered all your information, reach out to someone because the process will take time and needs to be acted upon instantly. Contacting your insurance company will be your first course of action, and that information will be needed to complete your personal injury case. Keeping all records of injury, medical time, and photos of the accident will also be necessary to further the research of your case. Our no-fault law in Florida for accidents can make the process complicated to complete, however, it saves you some money because you will receive compensation for the accident. Turning to an attorney for help is the best decision you can make. If your needs are not met, and you do not receive the settlement you were hoping for, with the Payer Law on your side, your case will be taken to court and settled through us to get you what you deserve.

Help is on the way

You may feel like your injury is minor or does not need to be addressed, however any injury is important to your health. Bicycle accidents happen too often and people tend to think that no one will care to help. That is not the case. Payer Law takes pride in helping personal injury cases with our bicycle accident attorney, and making sure each case is given the right amount of attention to obtain positive results. Believe that your issue is important, and that someone is there to help. When you or a loved one is involved in an auto accident, reach out and seek help before it is too late.

Contact us

If you have been in an accident, call us today 407-307-2979. The Payer Law in Orlando, FL, will provide solutions to your injury caused by the accident. Contact us right away!

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