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Comparative Negligence And Uber Accidents


When it comes to entertainment options in America, few states can rival the amazing resources of Orlando and the greater state of Florida.  From pristine beaches to world-class amusement parks, there is something for everyone.  When visitors and residents look to get from A to B, many have found great satisfaction in the use of ridesharing services such as Uber.  While these new methods of transportation may be convenient, many individuals fail to consider the risk of accidents that result in personal injury.

Although Uber has provided accident data to the public in the past, this data has been notoriously incomplete and does not paint a complete picture of the amount of accidents that result in personal injury to riders, drivers, and other parties.  Although Uber does require initial safety, insurance, and operating quality of the vehicle on the initial application to become a driver, it is unclear on how often the company requires updates to these criteria for individual drivers.

When an Uber driver is involved in an accident that results in personal injury to passengers or other drivers, those victims are likely going to want to understand their rights to litigation in order to recover compensation for damages.  To accomplish this goal successfully, many victims employ the services of an experienced local personal injury attorney.

These legal professionals can help victims understand the legal underpinnings of personal injury litigation and determine if they have a case that could plausibly win at trial.  Although a personal injury attorney should be considered the primary source of information in these cases, there are some general points of knowledge to which every resident should be made aware.  Therefore, this article aims to present some baseline knowledge on Uber accidents and litigation in Florida.

Comparative Negligence and Uber Accidents 

To successfully win a civil suit for damages incurred in an Uber accident, victims must be able to prove that the Uber driver was acting in a negligent manner and that this behavior was a core contributor to the accident.  Florida law uses a system of fault determination called “comparative negligence”, meaning that if you as the plaintiff were partially at fault for the accident, your ultimate compensation can be reduced proportionate to your level of fault.

An example of comparative negligence would be a situation in which your Uber driver was going above the posted speed limit when an accident occurred, however throughout the course of the investigation it is discovered that you and other passengers were behaving in a manner that distracted the driver.  A personal injury court will take this information into consideration and determine to what degree each party was ultimately responsible for the accident.

When to Contact an Attorney 

When accidents occur in ridesharing services and passengers incur personal injury, the process of pursuing litigation can be especially daunting.  After all, companies such as Uber have amassed a significant amount of wealth and legal representation.  Attempting to file suit without proper legal representation is not a good idea.

If you need help with your case, contact Payer Law. Our skilled Orlando personal injury attorneys are prepared to advocate on your behalf.


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