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Company Car Accidents: An Auto Accident Attorney Orlando Shares

Company Car Accidents

Christian Payer is a personal injury attorney in Orlando, FL who started the Payer Law Firm. The firm’s main goal is to provide special dedication to each case and work with clients in order to achieve success. Payer Law is an auto accident attorney Orlando residents trust.

Company Car Regulations In Orlando

A company car can fall under VHS (Vehicles for Hire) in Orlando. Company cars have to enforce the Orlando city code, under the supervision of the Vehicles for Hire Administrator and the Tow Enforcement Administrator. The VHS issues citations for operators who do not adhere to city codes. Registering a company car through the VHS is important and will include a  pre-application process, package review and permit issuance, including a national criminal background check.

You must make sure your company vehicles are registered and insured in the state of Florida. If you become involved in an accident or you are pulled over, if you do not have a Florida registration and license, your tag and registration can be suspended. If you have to drive a company car, all of these regulations should be taken care of prior to you stepping into the vehicle. All drivers of company cars must have a registered Florida license.

Dealing With Company Car Accidents

Companies accumulate many liabilities throughout their operation as a business. If a company has employees traveling in company vehicles, they should have an auto accident attorney Orlando companies can rely on. At the Payer Law, you can trust us to dedicate our attention to your case in times of a company car accident. In Florida, after an accident you must immediately contact your insurance company to receive compensation if your accident results in injury. After the scene of the accident is investigated by the cops and a report is made, you must gather all of the information from the company car accident and report it to the company followed by making a phone call to the Payer Law. It is important that you bring in an attorney and involve them in your company car accident as soon as all of the information is gathered and can be presented.

Important documents to represent at the time of seeking a lawyer are copies of your company’s insurance policy and medical records. Sometimes there are consequences to an accident such as lost wages. At Payer Law we help in many areas of the aftermath of your accident such as medical bills, lost wages, and personal injury protection, along with much more.

Getting into a car accident can be a stressful situation and the aftermath can be very invasive in your life. If you are working for a company and have to drive a vehicle, you are at risk of automobile accidents. If you do happen to drive a company car and you are injured in an accident, you may have to take some time off of work. This can be very difficult, but Payer Law is an auto accident attorney Orlando companies trust in these situations. We are here to help you get through the aftermath of your accident and our dedication is proof that we will work relentlessly to ensure that your company has minimal damages to pay and if an employee is injured during the accident, we will help you receive the most money for your case. Contact us at 407-307-2979 or visit our website

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