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Common Slip And Fall Locations


As many iterations of funny home video shows have shown, Americans are clumsy people.  While slipping and falling may sometimes be the cause for immense laughter, the sad reality is that there are many instances in which these falls cause significant personal injury.

While some of these slips and falls are due to simple user error, others are due to someone else’s negligence.  It is this latter set of circumstances that can cause victims to consult with an experienced Orlando personal injury attorney about their rights to compensation.

Being aware of locations where slips and falls are common can help individuals know what to look out for, and where signs of negligence may be present.  While consultation with a personal injury attorney in your area should always be the primary course of action, there are some general points of interest that every Florida resident should know.  Therefore, the aim of this article is to provide some general information to Floridians regarding common slip and fall locations.

Tripping on Sidewalks 

The old humorous saying “step on a crack, break your mother’s back” is said among children nationwide as they walk down America’s sidewalks.  The saying stems from the large amount of cracks that are present in concrete sidewalks due to age, wear and tear, and freeze/dry cycles of the seasons.

While some small cracks or gaps are not usually something to be concerned about, larger cracks can cause falls that result in personal injury.  As is the case with many personal injury cases, proving negligence of the owner is the primary goal.

For sidewalks that are maintained by the city, this can be difficult unless you can prove that either you had previous communication with the local government about the need to fill the cracks or there is proof that the city was made aware of the need for updates and willingly neglected to make the repairs.  Frequent communication with your personal injury attorney will help make your options more immediately clear.

Falls in Parking Lots 

Unlike sidewalks, of which the majority appear on public property, many private enterprises have a parking lot on their property.  When large cracks or potholes appear in the asphalt, this can pose a tripping hazard to patrons of the establishment.

Working with your personal injury attorney, you will determine if there is substantial evidence to prove the property owner was acting in a negligent manner that contributed to your fall.  Keep in mind that if you were under the influence of alcohol leading up to the trip and fall on an establishment’s property, proving negligence may be substantially higher.

Falls on the Job Site 

As any experienced personal injury attorney can attest, certain job sites are prone to slip and fall incidents and subsequent claims for workers’ compensation.  Dangerous jobs such as roofing, logging, and other manual labor trades have an inherent risk of danger, which is why the employer is responsible for taking proper safety precautions to mitigate risk.  If you believe your employer failed in this duty, you may have a case.

When to Contact an Attorney 

When a slip and fall results in personal injury, victims are going to want to know their rights to legal action.  Contact the Orlando Payer Law today for assistance.

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