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Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents


Summer is upon us in Orlando. Residents and tourists alike are enjoying the warm weather and summer activities. This means that many people are opting to travel by foot. Not only is walking healthy, but it is often more convenient, especially when traffic and parking concerns arise.

However, the influx in pedestrians also means more accidents. Motorists are not always aware of people crossing the road. They may be distracted by cell phones or busy talking to passengers. They could be looking at their GPS or changing the radio station. Perhaps they are tourists who are lost and unsure where to go.

In any case, pedestrian accidents are a real concern. In 2016, just under 6,000 pedestrians were killed in crashes. Another 129,000 were treated for injuries in emergency rooms. Most accidents occur on sunny days, when more people are likely to be out and about. Also, children and seniors are at risk.

What causes pedestrian accidents? If you plan to do a significant amount of traveling on foot this summer, here are some things to keep in mind.

Distracted Driving 

Distracted driving is one of the top causes of motor vehicle accidents. However, when pedestrian accidents are involved, pedestrians can be at fault as well. You have probably heard stories or seen situations in which pedestrians will cross a road and literally bump into a vehicle because they are on their phones. Pedestrians should refrain from using phones and music devices when crossing roads.

Alcohol Use 

Alcohol use spikes on weekends, particularly in the evenings. This is when pedestrian crashes are most likely to take place. While motorists may be intoxicated, this is another situation where the pedestrian could be at fault as well. People leaving bars and nightclubs may be disoriented and stumble across a road, unaware of vehicles.

Dark Clothes 

Most pedestrian accidents happen at night. Dark streets, combined with dark clothes, lead to dangerous conditions. If you plan to be out at night, wear light and bright clothes so you can be easily seen by cars.

Unmarked Crosswalks 

Pedestrians are most likely to cross a street at an intersection. Usually, crosswalks are in place to ensure drivers are aware that people will be crossing the road and they need to drive appropriately. When there are unmarked crosswalks, drivers are less likely to pay attention to the fact that pedestrians may be present. This leads to serious accidents.

Left Turns 

Left turns are often more difficult for motorists to navigate. They have to watch for traffic straight ahead, and they may not be focused on people crossing the street at the same time.

Contact an Orlando Pedestrian Accident Attorney Today 

Pedestrian accidents can cause serious injuries and even death. If you or a loved one was injured in such a crash, you need to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

The Orlando pedestrian accident attorneys at Payer Law can assess your case and determine liability. Don’t delay. Schedule a free consultation today. Call our office at 866-930-1238 or fill out the online form.



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