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Clients A Personal Injury Lawyer in Orlando Can Represent

A personal injury lawyer can represent you in many personal injury cases including auto accidents and death.

Before seeking legal counsel, do some research first. Determine what the reason is for seeking counsel and what type of lawyer will represent that specific case best. It is also important to identify what legal representation will not represent. Luckily, most legal firms take inquiries online and can verify or redirect whether a case is one they can take on or provide other attorney offices or types of attorneys who can assist in that particular case. The most important thing to know about a personal injury lawyer in Orlando and their firm is that they will not represent any corporation, employer, or insurance carrier. Personal injury law only represents persons and their families who have been injured. Much like the name itself, personal injury law is meant to vindicate the rights of those who have been injured and any persons who are affected subsequently due to the injury. At Payer Law, we have the vast experience to help you navigate through this process.

What Specific Cases Does The Payer Law Represent?

Payer represents cases related to the following areas:

  • Wrongful Death
  • Auto Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Job Accidents
  • Truck Accidents

Wrongful Death: Parents, children, and spouses may be eligible to receive compensation through Workmen’s Compensation in the event of wrongful death on the deceased’s jobsite. Compensation can provide for economic losses including funeral costs, emotional damages, recovering benefits as a dependent of the deceased, and hospital/medical bills.

Auto Accidents: If permanent injury occurs such as a disfigurement, a case can go outside of the parameters of the Florida No-Fault law.

Pedestrian Accidents: These accidents can be either vehicular or non-vehicular. Non-vehicular accidents include sidewalk defects, parking lot defects, construction site debris or construction, walkways, and poor maintenance. It is against Florida law for property owners to not post warning signs and implications that may result in pedestrian injury.

Motorcycle Accidents: Motorcyclists do not have the same protection under the Florida No-Fault law. Coverage is extremely sparse and much times leaves the motorcyclist in financial hardship. The rare case where a motorcyclists may catch a break is if the strict liability is feasible. Strict liability protects motorcyclists in the event that hazardous chemicals are being transported.

Job Accidents:  If injured on the job the worker must prove that the injury was not acquired from lack of following safety protocols, was a result of a pre-existing condition, or due negligence. The following occupations are ranked as having the highest work related injuries: lumbar loggers, commercial fisherman, roofing professionals, iron and steel smiths, garbage and recyclable collection workers, power line installers, truck drivers, livestock handlers, and construction workers.

Truck Accidents: Trucking accidents can become far more complicated than regular auto accidents. Not only is the trucker affected by the accident but the trucking company as well. In addition, because of the engineering of the truck being far more cumbersome than a standard sedan or automobile, the impact can lead to even worse injury.

What Payer Cannot Do

Persons who are negligent may face incarceration. Although such persons may acquire personal injury help, Payer Law attorneys do not fight against incarceration. If a case does not fit into the parameters mentioned above, then legal counsel should be sought elsewhere.

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