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My Claim Was Denied. Can Payer Law Help Me Get Workers Compensation?

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While in most cases workplace injuries are covered through an employer’s Workers Compensation insurance, there’s a chance your claim may still be denied for a variety of reasons, including:

  • The injury not being reported in a timely manner by state requirements. (For example, many states require you to report your injury to your supervisor in writing within a few days)
  • Inability to meet the claim filing deadline (typically within 30-90 days)
  • Employer dispute, resulting in the claim’s disqualification
  • Stress related injuries, which are extremely difficult to prove if they are not specifically included and outlined in your coverage
  • Injury sustained but presented without documented medical treatment following
  • Insufficient evidence that the injury was sustained on work premises

Once you determine why you were denied proper Workers Compensation (generally detailed in the official denial letter), you can proceed with seeking out the services of Payer Law to help get the acknowledgment and compensation you are owed. It is indeed possible to appeal a Workers Comp denial, but it’s extremely important to follow the necessary steps with organization and diligence. You will need to show all forms of proof that support your appeal, as well as present a viable argument against the denial ruling.

It is generally recommended that you speak with your employer or subsequent insurance provider before taking any course of action, in order to discuss the possibility of a dispute resolution due to any misunderstandings or possible clerical errors. There may have been a fault in the issued paperwork or recording of details. In many cases, an agreement can be reached without lengthy or unpleasant discourse or legal measures.

If you are unable to reach an amicable solution, a reputable workers comp attorney may be necessary to work on your case and ensure a successful appeal. Appealing a verdict before an administrative judge, compensation board, or labor department is a complicated procedure, requiring painstaking organization and representation of facts.

Payer Law will help you collect any pertinent documents and medical records (if available) that can assist in countering your compensation denial. Your attorney may additionally help you pursue a second medical evaluation, as well as any time sheets, video footage, or other evidence that you were on the job site at the time of injury. Any and all bases will be covered to present your appeal in the most proficient manner.

At Payer Law we understand how devastating a Workers Compensation denial can be and are here to assist. It is absolutely possible to appeal a denial verdict, and the likelihood of a successful outcome increases all the more when you work with a specialized attorney in the field. Accepting a compensation denial can create both financial and psychological strain, and it’s more than worth the effort to seek proper representation.

Give us a call today to have one of our workers’ compensation lawyers evaluate your case and determine the best course of action. We are happy to lay out your options and guide you through the necessary steps to reclaiming the rights and benefits you deserve.

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