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How To Choose an Orlando Car Accident Lawyer For a Pedestrian Accident

pedestrian accident Orlando Car Accident Lawyer

Orlando is the home of many automobile accidents. Some of them include pedestrians. Only a small portion of those accidents occur for reasons that are beyond the driver’s control. For that reason, an Orlando resident is obligated to himself to consult with an experienced Orlando car accident lawyer about the pedestrian accident. Such an attorney can help the person to get funds that can cover medical expenses, therapy and the cost of everyday living. Finding the best Orlando car accident lawyer is a process, however. The person should investigate and measure the candidates on these subjects:


The first area that one should examine is the reputation. Client testimonials and reviews, accreditation and positive endorsements make up every business’s reputation. The first step in choosing the best attorney when one has a list of several is conducting research on the firm’s reputation. The person should look at the company’s website, but it should also travel outside of the website to ensure that all opinions are genuine.


The second category to examine in a prospective law firm is the credentials. The “about” section may discuss some of the credentials like licenses and certifications that the firm has. It may mention specific universities that workers have attended or the length of time that a head attorney has practiced in the field. All of that information lets a prospect know what to expect if he or she retains services from such a company.

Compassion and Dedication

Compassion and dedication are two elements that a law firm must have to help the injured person properly. The firm must be interested in seeking the largest payout for the clients so that they can have their lives back. A prospective client may not be able to measure an attorney’s level of dedication or compassion until the consultation starts.


Fees are an important factor when it comes to trying to find out which law firm is best. Most personal injury and car accident attorneys in Orlando provide their clients with contingency representation. That means that a client does not pay a dime until the attorney wins the case. The same lawyers may offer free consultation. The waived fees accomplish two things when a person is trying to decide what is right for him or her. First, they let the person know that they care and will work for free. Secondly, they let the person know that they will work hard to get the money that is rightfully theirs.


Statistics are another element that can quickly bring one law firm ahead of the next. An accident victim will want to hire a firm that has proof of success. A reputable firm will most likely have that information on its site for everyone to see. If it isn’t posted on the site, someone should still be willing to provide the information to an interested person.

Payer Law Can Assist

Payer Law has all the characteristics of a great accident attorney, and it has a name that sounds like success. The primary goal of its attorneys is to present a case that makes the driving accident offender the payer of the victim. Anyone who needs help with a case can call 866-930-1238 for a completely free consultation. The short form is an alternative. Contact us now.

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