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Personal Injury vs Workers Comp: Getting Into a Car Accident At Work

car accident injuries in Orlando

Car accident injuries are difficult enough without having to deal with workers compensation issues on top of everything else. However, this may be the case if you end up in an accident while on the job. An Orlando personal injury attorney can help you sort through your case and determine if you need to file a personal injury claim for your injuries or if you would benefit more from a workers compensation claim. Contact Payer Law for more information.

Driving “at work”

Getting to a car accident at work is not an easily defined thing. A car accident “at work” can defined as any time you are in your car doing a task for work. For instance, if your boss asked you to run an errand in your own personal car, that would still count as being “at work.” Additionally, imagine a cop chasing after a criminal in their car and they wound up in an accident. It would still be considered a car accident “at work.”

This means that any moment you are on the road but are still doing something work-related, you are still at work. This can lead to confusion when you file a claim. Does that claim count as a workplace injury or should you file a personal injury claim? The answer is a bit more complicated than a simple this or that.

What happens if you sustain car accident injuries?

The fact of the matter is that each claim is going to cover different things. A workers compensation claim is going to cover you regardless of fault for your physical injuries and hospital bills. However, it will likely not cover your vehicle repair expenses and any other additional expenses you may need to cover suffering, whether it be mental or physical.

A personal injury claim can only be filed if another party is at fault. With this type of claim you can receive compensation for your vehicle repair or replacement and get additional funds for any mental or physical suffering you may have incurred.

This means that you have to consider which claim will better suit your individual situation. There may be times when you want to file both claims and you may have to investigate what the state legislature is regarding that in order to have a better idea of how to handle your claim.

If you are in the Orlando area and you would like to learn more about how to file a personal injury claim, it is important to get your car accident injuries treated and then contact an Orlando personal injury attorney. Payer Law is an Orlando personal injury attorney that is committed to helping their clients and they can help you sort through your case.

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Don’t suffer through a car accident on the job alone. Get help from a trusted attorney and make the right decision for your case with their expertise. Payer Law understands the importance of filing a case properly and they can help you sort through your case.

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