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No Fault Insurance and Accidents in Florida

car accident compensation in Orlando

The state of Florida is a “No Fault” state, meaning that those who lived here are required to carry no fault insurance. However, what does this mean for you if you get into a car accident? What do you do if this insurance if it is not enough? How do you recover the extra car accident compensation that falls outside of the no fault insurance? If you have questions about no fault insurance and what that means for you, contact Payer Law in Orlando, Florida for information. They are an auto accident attorney Orlando trusts to understand the implications of no fault insurance.

What does no fault insurance mean?

If you get into a car accident, your insurance will typically cover any damages that occur. However, depending on the circumstances this can be complicated to sort through and you may have to prove that you are not at fault in order to receive the coverage. There are, in certain states, alternate options to speed up the process and receive your compensation without having to worry about who is at fault.

No fault insurance is this solution. It is found in certain states and it dictates that you will get compensation for your medical expenses, any lost earnings from being unable to work, and any other out-of-pocket costs regardless of who is at fault for the car accident. This insurance is helpful for those who get injured in a car accident but they may be at fault. It can also be helpful in receiving compensation more quickly, even if you aren’t at fault, because there doesn’t need to be an investigation into who was responsible for the accident.

Car accident compensation in Florida

There are instances when no fault insurance is not enough. You could have been seriously injured and your medical costs could have exceeded the amount that you could receive from your car insurance company. You may still need additional compensation in order to recover from the accident. In those cases, you can file a claim against the person at fault for car accident compensation.

However, it is critical that you look at your particular state’s laws regarding this because the laws and sum necessary in order to file a claim against the responsible party varies depending on the location. In Florida, the law states that you have to suffer a permanent injury in order to file a claim against the responsible party. The only other exception would be if your medical expenses exceeded $10,000, which is the minimum amount of coverage required for Personal Injury Protection in the state of Florida. If you fall under either of these circumstances, then you may be able to file a claim against the person who caused the accident for the remainder of your recovery expenses. Payer Law, an auto accident attorney Orlando, can assist you in understanding what Florida means for your car accident.

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If you are searching for an auto accident attorney Orlando trusts, contact Payer Law for information on your car accident claim and how no fault insurance affects it.

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