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Can I Sue If My Pet Was Injured In An Orlando Car Accident?


Pet ownership among Americans is at an all-time high, which means drivers are much more likely to have their furry friends along with them for car rides. Owning a cat or a dog has become even more popular during the pandemic, as many have struggled with being alone and reduced social contact. Unfortunately, pets are incredibly vulnerable during car accidents. It can be difficult to properly secure animals in your vehicle, as seat belts aren’t really designed for dogs or cats. So what happens if your pet becomes injured in a car accident? Can you sue?

This question is perhaps best answered by a legal professional, such as a personal injury attorney in Orlando. Get in touch with one of these qualified attorneys, and you can explore your options for lawsuits after your pet has become injured. Your attorney can also assist with seeking compensation for any injuries you might have sustained yourself.

Pets are Considered Property 

If you were to lose a loved one (such as a spouse) in a car accident, you would have the ability to file a wrongful death lawsuit. This type of lawsuit would compensate you for funeral expenses, missed future wages, grief, and much more. However, a pet is not considered a family member in the eyes of the law. Instead, a pet is considered a piece of property – much like a couch or a washing machine.

As a result, your options for compensation are slightly more limited. For example, you would not have the opportunity to seek compensation for the non-economic, mental, and emotional consequences of losing your pet. However, you could potentially recover compensation for the economic damages associated with an injured or deceased pet.

For example, your pet may have required significant medical attention before ultimately passing away from their injuries. You may be left with significant veterinarian bills as a result, and you can certainly claim these damages in your lawsuit. You might also have the chance to recover compensation for funeral costs, such as cremation fees.

Finally, you may also be compensated for the cost of replacing your pet. Unfortunately, only the monetary value of your pet is taken into account and not the sentimental value. Even if your pet seems priceless and irreplaceable to you, the court will only consider the cost of replacing the animal with a similar one. With all that being said, you should speak with an attorney about the exact damages you can claim in this situation.

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today 

Losing a pet is never easy, and you are fully within your rights to explore your legal options in this scenario. Get in touch with Payer Law, and our Orlando personal injury attorneys can guide you through all of your various options as you seek compensation. While pursuing a settlement for a deceased or injured pet isn’t always easy, you should still explore the possibilities. Book your consultation today and take your first steps towards justice. 

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