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The Leading Cause of Bus Accidents

bus accidents in orlando

A typical, fully-loaded bus weighs about 40,000 pounds. Due to this and fundamental laws of physics, any collision is likely to result in a fatal accident even at ridiculously low speeds. Therefore, accidents involving buses can bring more work to insurance companies than other crashes. Determining the leading cause of bus accidents is vital as it decides who’s responsible. In Orlando, statistics show that most of these accidents are caused by negligence. The other causes that can be considered include bus driver fatigue, bad weather, blind spots and the least probable cause, bus fires. Bus accident? Know that you can count on Payer Law!

Negligence as A Primary Cause of Bus Accidents.

This is hands down the top cause of accidents involving buses. Negligence could apply to either the bus company, the driver or in some cases both. Most attorneys, however, say that a crash caused by a driver is technically the fault of the bus company that employed the driver.

  1.    Bus Company Negligence

In comparison to the airline industry, record-keeping and bus inspection is not as stringent. Most bus companies tend to turn a blind eye to the regulations set. Also, not all of them take the training of their drivers and bus maintenance seriously. Old buses especially require a great deal of upkeep and maintenance to keep them going.

Some bus companies choose to deliberately keep buses with no seat belts and other safety equipment on the road. This is at the expense of the passengers using these buses. Something as simple as not testing the brakes could lead to a fatal accident when it could have easily been avoided.  Victims of accidents caused by such negligence should visit an auto accident attorney Orlando locals trust. You may be entitled to compensation.

  1.    Bus Driver Negligence

Many laws are put in place to regulate bus drivers. Unfortunately, they are often disregarded by charter or tour companies. An example of such a law is the ‘hours of service’ code that states the maximum number of hours a bus driver can be on the road. It also states that there must be a break before another shift starts.

Other aspects of driver negligence include making a call while driving, over speeding, driving on the wrong lane, driving while drunk or simply put, a bad driver. Bus drivers are entrusted with peoples’ lives. It is such a shame however that some do not take it seriously leading to loss of lives. If you have been injured in a bus accident, you are entitled to seek compensation for injuries, medical expenses and other claims. That is where an experienced auto accident attorney Orlando comes in.

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Sometimes bus accidents are not actually the driver’s or the company’s fault. Accidents can occur due to mechanical failure, poor road conditions and other careless drivers. If you or a loved one has been injured in a bus related accident in Orlando consult a Payer Law auto accident attorney Orlando to help handle the insurance companies. Contact us today!

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