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Brazilian Butt-Lift Assistant Booted From Medical Industry


These days, patients can augment various parts of their bodies through surgical means, including their rear ends, their breasts, and their faces. But if patients make the mistake of choosing the wrong surgeons, they could easily end up regretting these procedures. Some don’t even make it through the procedures at all, instead dying to due serious medical negligence during the surgery. The good news is that negligent doctors who are caught face serious consequences – such as losing their medical licenses permanently. This is what one Brazilian butt-lift assistant learned the hard way.

Assistant Loses License for Performing Unsupervised Butt-Lifts 

On December 30th of 2022, it was reported that an assistant at a plastic surgery clinic should face serious consequences for performing procedures without a doctor present. Assistants like this are not allowed to operate on patients alone because of their lack of experience and training. According to a Florida judge, this individual was not legally permitted to perform butt-lifts, and that he did not have the knowledge or the ability to perform them.

Patients suffered real consequences as a result of this individual’s lack of qualifications. One case involved a patient whose wound was not adequately treated after the surgery. The assistant’s attorney argued that there is nothing in Florida law that prohibits physician assistants from performing surgeries on their own, stating:

“The controlling law does not categorically prohibit physician assistants from performing the plastic surgery procedures at issue in this case under indirect supervision — that is, without a physician in the operating room or on the premises.” 

Regardless, the judge decided that the assistant should have their license revoked. This is the most likely outcome, but the decision must still go before a higher court for final action.

Botched Plastic Surgeries Are Common in Florida 

Unfortunately, botched plastic surgeries are common in Florida. On December 19th, it was reported that the Florida Department of Health had taken legal action against a cosmetic surgery center in Plantation. This center was responsible for a procedure that left a woman dead. She paid for a breast augmentation procedure, but she never awoke from anesthesia. This is one of the most common ways in which people lose their lives in botched surgeries. This particular breast augmentation was a “BBL,” which medical experts say is one of the riskiest procedures one can get.

Where Can I Find a Qualified Personal Injury Attorney in Orlando? 

If you have been harmed by negligent medical professionals, you need to get in touch with an Orlando personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Choose Payer Law, and we can help you pursue justice in a confident, efficient manner. Surgeons deserve to be held accountable for botching procedures like Brazilian butt-lifts, and you deserve fair compensation for the injuries you have sustained. Book your consultation today to get started with an effective action plan.


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