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An Overview Of Car Accident Laws In Florida


If you are planning to file a personal injury claim after a car accident in Florida, it’s important to establish an understanding of the various laws that might affect your situation. These car accident laws have the potential to affect when and how you can pursue financial compensation for your injuries. In some situations, these laws might even prevent you from pursuing compensation. After you gain an understanding of how this works, you can pursue a settlement in a confident, efficient manner.

Reach out to a qualified, experienced personal injury attorney in Florida, and you can discuss these laws during your initial consultation. An experienced lawyer can explain all the relevant details in a clear, concise manner. Once you feel confident about the general laws that apply, you can move forward with your lawsuit. During this process, your attorney can help you gather evidence, negotiate on your behalf, and represent you in court if necessary.

Florida is a No-Fault State 

The first thing you need to know is that Florida is a “no-fault” car insurance state. This means that every driver is required to turn to their own insurance provider for compensation after a crash, regardless of who caused the accident. This means that you can file a claim even if you were fully to blame for the accident. You can also file a claim if you crashed your vehicle with no one else on the road. For example, you might have hit a wild animal on the road, or perhaps you veered off the road and struck a tree.

The benefits of a no-fault system are notable. First of all, you can expect faster payouts. Secondly, you can file a claim without blaming anyone, and establishing negligence is not required. On the other hand, this system has a number of downsides as well. For example, you will likely pay higher premiums, and you may not have the ability to recover compensation for things like property damage and non-economic losses.

In addition, it’s worth noting that getting help from a qualified attorney is still beneficial, even though you don’t have to prove anyone else was to blame. This is because an experienced attorney can help you negotiate with your insurance provider, resulting in a higher settlement amount.

Comparative Negligence in Florida 

In addition, Florida follows a system of “pure” comparative negligence. This means that you can theoretically file an injury claim even if you were 99% responsible for your own injuries. That being said, your settlement amount decreases significantly in this scenario.

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today 

Our skilled Orlando car accident lawyers at Payer Law can help you recover compensation for your injuries. Over the years, we have helped many injured victims who have been harmed by car accidents. We know that these injuries can be incredibly severe, and we appreciate your need for an adequate settlement as soon as possible. With our help, you can recover the financial compensation you deserve for your medical expenses, missed wages, and non-economic damages. Book your consultation today to learn more about your legal options.

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